Updates from Big Gavin Turrell

(from Just before the World Masters)

'Gav in the zone at 162.5KG'.

Gavin flies to the US this Saturday to compete for Australia at the
World Masters Powerlifting Champs.

Good luck Gav!

Results Here



Updates from Big Gavin Turrell

(A few months out of date, but just posting now)

Great National Champs!!!!!!!!!

Posted the following successful lifts:

Squat - 200KG
Bench Press - 190KG
Deadlift - 250KG

It was a tough weekend but personal best lifts in all three exercises.
I also took my total (best of the three lifts from each discipline) from
590KG to 635KG!!!

I also became the Australian Bench Press Champion in the 100KG Open

No dramas with the weigh in on the Saturday. I weighed in on my first
attempt at 98.8KG. This meant no second weigh in and I was able to have
a good feed and rehydrate prior to the war!

I am now having a short rest and then focusing on the World
Championships in October.

My target lifts will be:

Squat - 230KG

Bench Press - 202KG (a new Australian Masters I record in the 100KG
class if successful)

Deadlift - 275KG.

Eye of the Tiger!




Updates from Big Gavin Turrell

It seems that our Gav has taken 7th place int he Australian Weight Lifting Rankings for 2008 in the 100Kg class. See Here



Updates from Big Gavin Turrell

Breaking News.....

Gavin Turrell has recently been selected to represent Australia at the World
Masters Powerlifting Championships, to be held in Palm Springs, California
from the 1st to the 4th October 2008.

Gavin will be Australia's sole representative in the 100KG category.

Gavin is currently focusing on the Australian Senior Nationals and a crack
at the Australian Masters Bench Press record for the 100KG class (currently
sitting at 201.5KG).

After the Nationals a final cycle of Eight weeks of training will follow so
as to ensure peak performance at the World Champs.

Further reports to follow.


Updates from Big Gavin Turrell

Gavin travelled up to Singleton last weekend to take part in the final
'qualifying event' prior to the Australian Open Powerlifting

These Championships are held for the 18 -40 year category).

Gavin needed to achieve a minimum combined total of 580KG from the three
disciplines (Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift) in order to be allowed to

There are three attempts at each lift with the best lift from each
exercise counting towards the overal total.

Gavin was competing in the 100KG class and drama hit when he was half a
kilo over at the weigh in (100.6 to be precise).

A second weigh in is allowed so after half an hour of frantic peddling
on a gym cycle, Gavin weighed in for a second time at bang on 100KG.

Now for the lifting.

In the Squat which is a relatively new exercise for Gavin, he achieved a
PB of 175KG, light compared to the seasoned lifters who can hit the
300KG mark but a good result for three months of squatting.

In the Bench Press Gavin 'cleared' 180KG and lifted 190KG but due to a
foot slipping the 190KG lift was not allowed. 180KG was also a personal

In the Deadlift, Gavin achieved a further personal best of 235KG.

The combined total was 590KG and ensured Gavin a berth at the Senior
Champs in July.

The focus now is to increase the overal total to 620KG and have a crack
at the Australian Masters Bench Press Record (currently sitting at
201.5KG) at the champs.

Lots of graft to go.

Gavin shall no doubt be dusting down his Rocky DVD's and cranking up
'Eye of the Tiger'

A further report will follow once Gavin has competed at the big one!!!!



Updates from Big Gavin Turrell

Gavin Turrell Competes at Australian Masters Powerlifting Champs - Photo

Gavin Turrell has recently returned from the Australian Masters Powerlifting
Championships in Melbourne, where he had a very successful weekend, posting
personal bests in all three disciplines.
(Squat - 165KG, Bench Press - 175KG and Deadlift - 230KG).

This competition was held over the 19th and 20th April.

Personally he felt his best lift was 175KG in the Bench Press, qualifying
him for a berth in the Australian Open Powerlifting Championships, held in
Newcastle in July.

The Open Champs cater for all Seniors from 18 to 40 years of age.

Gold medals were picked up and the weekend was well run.

The competition was hosted by Melbourne University.

It was interesting to watch the seasoned lifters being psyched up by their
coaches just prior to a lift with methods such as putting smelling salts
under the lifters nose and hard slaps to the back. These actions cause a
jolt to the nervous system and thus get the adrenaline pumping.
This is crucial for a big lift where you need all your power, focus and
passion channeled into a few seconds of extremely intense workload.

Gavin competed in the 100KG class and two hours prior to the event there is
a weigh in so as to ensure a lifter has qualified for the particular weight
category entered. Gavin initiall weighed in at 100.4KG so had to away and
chew gum whilst spitting continuously into a cup. Unsavoury as this sounds
a cup of spit equates to a third of a kilo - needless to say Gavin returned
to be weighed again and this time ducked in under the 100KG mark.

Next step is to focus primarily on the Bench Press for July. The goal is to
get close to the 200KG mark and get in sight of the Australian Masters Bench
Press record of 201.5KG (100KG weight class).

Lots of hard work to do!

Gavin would like to thank Genworth who have sponsored him in his exploits.
They have made the purchase of specialised equipment possible and have
generally allowed Gavin to focus on the lifting. He is extremely grateful
for this support and proud to be backed by the Genworth 'Powerhouse'.
We will continue to follow Gavins' efforts and post another update once he
has completed the big one in July!




Updates from Big Gavin Turrell


20/2/08 - Australian Power Lifting Championships:

All good:


Squat - 165KG
Bench - 175KG
Deadlift - 230KG

Qualified for the Australian Bench Press Champs in July (18 - 40yrs).

Going for 202.5 KG ( Australian Masters Record)!!!

Eye of the Tiger.

Full report to follow.

All the best mate,



26/2/08 - Sydney Open Power Lifting Competition, article circulated within GE in Australia:

Gavin Turrell from Sales recently competed in the Sydney Open Pwerlifting

The competition involves carrying out 3 disciplines:


This was only Gavins second competition on the Australian circuit and his
lifts were good enough to book him a place at the Australian Masters
Powerlifting Championships, in Melbourne, in April.

The rules are very strict wth each lift scrutinised for technique and
adherance by 3 judges. Two 'white lights' are needed for a pass.

Some 60 entrant competed ranging from rookies like Gavin to top
international stars!

Gavin is pictured here in the Deadlift event, lifting 225KG.

Gavin loves the sport and after years of racing kayaks said it is great to
be back in the heat of the competition.

The goal for this year is to get a Top 3 position at the Nationals in the
100KG class and to master the technical side of the event which is crucial
as the weight goes up!

Genworth are currently considering sponsoring Gavin so he can take his
avchievements to the next level and fly the Genworth flag.

A further report to follow after the Nationals.


Update from Big Gavin Turrell

Hello All,

I hope all is well in Blightly and the river is not too cold!:)

I compete in my second Powerlifting Event this weekend. It is the
Sydney Open Challenge. This type of event attracts a wide range of
competitors from rookies like me through to world class animals!

Your are categorised according to you age and weight. I compete in the
over 40's and 110KG category, simply meaning I am between 100 and 110Kg
and between 40-50.

The competition rules are very strict. A weigh in takes place two hours
before the competition starts, with an opportunity to drop a Kg if you
are trying to squeeze into the next weight down.

Next you stand in a line and get all the kit you are going to compete
in, checked. You cannot then go on the stage to lift in any
other/additional items.

The format for the lifts is as follows:

Squats first, then Bench Press and finally the Deadlift (no straps).

You rotate in a cycle, completing 3 lifts per discipline with your best
lift on each exersise counting towards an overal aggregate score.

Three judges sit around the lifting area and your form is 'measured'
closely. A Big box hangs from the ceiling with a strip of 3 white lights
and 3 red.

Simply put you need to obtain 2 white lights to pass the lift. The
judges hit a button upon completion of the lift according to their

It is a tough sport with very stringent rules.

In the Bench Press for instance, this is the way the lift goes.

You position yourself on the Bench and the weight is taken off the
cradles for you. You hold at the top for around 5 seconds until the
chief judge is comfortable that you have full control of the weight.
You then hear a command of 'down'. You then slowly lower the weight to
your chest and hold it on you chest, again for approximately 5 seconds.
Upon the command of 'lift' you explode the weight upward. Again you
support the weight at the top of the lift until you hear the word
'rack'. The weight is then returned to the rack accordingly.

Compared to a Richmond CC lift, this is something else. Real control,
focus and stamina are required throughout each phase.

People of all shapes and sizes compete from 50Kg Australian Team members
who can Squat 3 times their bodyweight, to 140Kg giants, who again seem
to powerlift comparable weights.

For me it is a great sport. Explosive Power and Aggression, together
with rewards for good technique! :)

I have Danger Zone and Eye of the Tiger playing a lot this week, as I
prepare to do battle on Sunday.

Full report to follow after the comp.



Update from Big Gavin Turrell

Just wanted to let you know that I am competing in the 2007 Matti Tikka Powerlifting and Bench Press Challenge on the 11th of November in Sydney

This is a NSW Open Championship. This is where I will gain my first state ranking and start the journey to the National Champs next Year.

Currently Pressing 175Kg !!!



Official Nottingham Regatta Results from September have been added in PDF form


Official Eton Regatta Results from July have been added in PDF form


Official Nottingham Regatta Results from June have been added in PDF form


Official Nottingham Regatta Results from May have been added in PDF form


Seedings for June regatta uploaded


New Profile For Ollie Sims


New Course Records at NWSC this last weekend: (also see old records)

Distance Crew Club Time Date
K2 200m Edward Cox/Ed McKeever ORS 00:33:42 14 April 07
K1 200m Jonathan Schofield SOR 00:36:19 14 April 07
C1 200m Matthew Lawrence LBZ 00:43.34 14 April 07

Congratulations guys!


Official Nottingham Regatta Results from April have been added in PDF form


Seedings for April regatta uploaded


Official Nottingham Regatta Results from July & September have been added in PDF form


After the July regatta:

Official Nottingham Regatta Results from July have been added in PDF form [here]


Congratulations to our 200m Athletes (and all GB athletes) at the World Championships in Szeged Hungary:

Ed McKeever / Ed Cox - 4th in the A Final of the K2 200m
Lucy Wainright - 9th in the A Final of the Womens K1 200m


Congratulations - 2 New Course Records
Ed McKeever K1
Ed Cox & Ed McKeever K2


HTML results from the July regatta can be found [here]
We have a few amendments to make just yet to Womens K1, and sorting crew boats alphabetically by name



2006 Points scoring can be found [here]
HTML results from the June regatta can be found [here]



After the June regatta:

Official Nottingham Regatta Results from June have been added in PDF form [here]


After the May regatta:

2006 Points scoring can be found [here]
HTML results from the May regatta can be found [here]
Official Nottingham Regatta Results from May have been added in PDF form [here]

Seedings for the June Regatta are now available [here]


2006 Points scoring can be found [here]


HTML results from the April regatta can be found [here]


Official Nottingham Regatta Results from April have been added in PDF form [here]


Seedings for the May Regatta are now available [here]

Anyone interested in contributing to the website, writing reports etc.,
please e-mail

Results and points to be updated shortly!


What's the big fella been up to?

Sub 41 !!!

Hi All,

I am pleased to say that last weekend I became the Australian Sprint Kayaking Champion in the 200 Metre event.

I was racing at the Olympic Regatta Centre in Penrith which is a town about 40Kms west of Sydney. It was a very hot day with the temperature exceeding 35 degrees. I was sweating from 7.00am and with my final at 10.20am there was a worry of being dehydrated but copious amounts of fluid kept this worry in check.

There were 42 athletes competing in the veteran division which is 35 years and upwards. I had had a pretty good preparation period however did pick up a cold a week before the race so the turbos were firing at around 90% rather than 100%. I had been getting out in the boat 2 -3 times since November but this would be my first big regatta since winning the British open title in July 2004.

Needless to say my starts had been good in training and whilst I knew I would be fading in the last few metres I had a very good first 100 metre split so planned to put the distance in then and hold on to the line.

In terms of the actual race I got away well and held the lead all the way down, winning by 1 second (1 boat length) in a time of 40.98 seconds. For the training completed and the time out of mainstram competition I was very happy. Still some speed in the old warhorse yet.

It was great to get out and race again and very satisfying to once again have a National Title under my belt !

I am having a bit of rest at the moment but the weights in the garage are still getting a workout. Will I race again - oh yes you have not seen the last of the bandana bomber yet !!!! :)



At Long Last:

Seedings for the April Regatta are now available [here]

Anyone interested in contributing to the website, writing reports etc.,
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News coming shortly from the Australian Nationals!


I have received some comments from Marcus Gohar and Shaun Martin in follow up to the article and Profile by Gary Parkinson 31-Aug-04:


Hi Steve:

A few words on Gary Parkinson's article on your 200m website on canoe

* Although difficult, or challenging depending on your point of view, it's not as hard as he makes it appear. You won't learn C1 if you only paddle once or twice a week, but going out several times a week juniors can often learn to paddle a C1 quite well in a few weeks, especially if they can already sit a K1.

* It's uncomfortable when you start, but other than on long marathons you soon get used to it. Regarding balance, the Richmond juniors can stand up in the boats, turn sideways, walk about, and jump up and down playing air guitar with their paddles.

* The shoulders do NOT dip to one side, neither do C1 paddlers develop a form of twisted walk! This myth came about partly due to one Tamas Wickman, a Hungarian mega-star of C1 between 1966 and 1983. He was knocked down by a car when he was seven, and has walked with a limp ever since. He was world champion ten times.

* Paddlers are likely to be slightly uneven in terms of strength, but so are (for example) tennis players. As long as weight training is done equally on both sides, isometric development is minor.

* Knee injuries can be minimised or eliminated with a well made knee block. Strengthening the leg muscles with weight training may also reduce knee injuries.

* Almost all injuries to juniors (C1 and K1) at Richmond are from rugby and football not paddling.

* The lower arm doesn't develop more than the upper arm.

* Paddlers tend to get cramp in the hamstrings in the kneeling leg. The best way to cure this is to stand up and touch your toes - not as difficult as it seems.

* C1 is like pole vault: difficult technically, but a real challenge and a joy to master. The leverage from the high kneeling position and the large blade gives excellent acceleration which makes C1 very good for 200m paddling. If you don't believe me try racing Matt Lawrence or James Train over 20 strokes off a standing start! And they're not even 200m specialists!


Marcus Gohar


Coming to High Kneeling Sprint C1 from, originally Slalom C1, and more recently, Wild Water C1 and C2 I can assure you the flat water paddling style is infinitely more comfortable. I dont find the flat water boat even slightly uncomfortable.



Update from our friends in Oz:

I thought I would share this moment with you.
I competed at the NSW State Championships this weekend and won the 200 Metre sprint race  in the 35 - 45 year category, so am now the NSW State Champion !! :)
My partner Rupert (pictured above) and I also got a Bronze medal in the two man event so altogether a very successful day of racing !
The Australian Champs are in 5 weeks time so will be  putting in some hard graft on the water and in the gym !! 

Pic 1

Pic 2


Hot News from Oz.

Gavin Turrell and Rupert Elkington-Cole have started training at Manly Warringah Canoe Club for the K2 200 Metre event and aim to race at the NSW State Championships in Feb 06 and the Australian Champs in March 06.

Gav has committed to coming out of retirement and has dusted down his paddles. At a leaner 98Kg he feels he can still be of some benefit in the back seat !! :)

Elk is driving for this tour and between them the boys are confident of picking off a few Ozzie crews along the way.

Regular training reports to follow and some pics too !


Gav's profile updated with a new picture of Gav and Cassidy


Steve Tingay's Profile updated


UK Champions Page Updated showing 2005 National and Points Champions at a Glance!

This is our role of honour! Congratulations to all those who feature here now, and over the years!


HTML Results from September Regatta amended (crew boat names put in alphabetical order) and available [here]

Points positions year to date can be found here


Gavs Latest 200 Tip -
The 5 Golden Rules fro Successful 200 Metre Racing


HeadLine Inside Lines
Publication Independent on Sunday Date 23/10/2005
Byline by Alan Hubbard Sports Diarist of the Year

'Legalise drugs' row coach wins UK job

The curious appointment of a coach who apparently advocates the legalising
of doping has caused ripples of concern in the waters of British canoeing.
The Bulgarian-born Krassimir Ivanov, who coached a Belgian kayak pair to
the Olympic finals in Athens, has been given a full-time post with the
British Canoe Union despite an interview in a Belgian sports journal in
which he is quoted as saying: 'Doping should be freely allowed... then
nearly everyone will do it but it will eventually reduce the chances that
drugs will be taken because everyone will know what everyone else is
doing.' This has led to calls for his suspension and an investigation by
concerned voices within the sport. However Ivanov, now a naturalised
Belgian, vehemently denies administering or being involved with drugs, even
in his Iron Curtain days, and UK Sport, the body responsible for enforcing
Britain's anti-doping regulations, say: 'We are satisfied that no athlete
under his direction has ever tested positive for banned substances, nor has
he encouraged their use. At worst he could be naive in answering
hypothetical questions on how sport might look if there was no drugs
testing.' So paddle power, not peddle power, eh?

Note: support the plight of athlete's who are currently caught up within this current situation, and who are desperately trying to maintain their existing coaching support, where their best interests may not be being heard. are against the use of drugs in sport or for recreational use.


HTML Results from September Regatta now available [here]


Update from Gavin Turrell in OZ:

Hello All,

Well firstly congratulations to all in terms of the achievements over the summer. I do keep a close eye on what you are all up to and it is fantastic that Richmond is as prolific and successful as ever (ever without a permanent abode) !!

All is good at my end. My wife and I have bought our first house, 3 bedrooms and detached on a big block of land. That was and is a very exciting move and it already feels like home even though we have only been in residence for 3 weeks to date.

Cassidy our daughter is doing really well although she has the unnerving habit of saying 'Mama' in a really deep gravelly voice sometimes (it sounds like something out of the exorcist). I can't think where she picked it up from ! :)

The job is good and I continue to rush around and do some work between business lunches and golf. On a serious note though the company have looked after me well and the ability to move between countries and work for the same organization is a real plus point when working for a large multi-national.

Up until a few weeks ago I was getting out in my boat once a week but alas with the move my kayaking has taken a back seat so to speak, although I will soon remedy that. We are only two minutes drive from a large lake, so back to work I go. Still pushing the weights though so not quite in armchair mode just yet. I still dream of being fast again but sadly there just isn't the time these days and for those who know me well know I am not prepared to get on the line just to make up the numbers ! :)

The Turrell Clan are over for Christmas (22nd December - 13th January) and we will be in London for a few days during that time. We shall make a point of dropping by the club on one of the Saturday mornings and it will be fantastic to touch base with some of you then.

Happy Paddling - My thoughts are with you.

Gavin, Lisa and Baby Cassidy


Official Nottingham Regatta Results from September have been added in PDF form [here]


Information from an elated Milos in Serbia:

> Dear Steve,
> there are not enough words that I can describe my happiness. Zoric and
> Filipovic, the two biggest guys in kayak won gold in K2 200m! It is a
> first gold for Serbia in WC after 23 years.
> The biggest sport victory in kayak for Serbia since Olympic gold in LA 84.


Ed McKeever (GBR) finishes a fantastic 9th in the A Final of the K1 200m at the World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia.

Full Results


Results from the Finnish National Championships 2005 can be found in the Results Section, or at direct link.

Thanks Hannu



ZAGREB 28-31 August

K-1 200 m Kimmo Latvamäki
K-2 200 m Heikki Ritvos – Ilkka Ritvos
K-4 200 m Lauri Palmroth - Jaakko Selivaara - Juha Selivaara – Petteri Pitkänen

K-1 200 m Anne Rikala
K-2 200 m Jenni Honkanen – Laura Inha



ZAGREB 28-31 August

Mens K1 - Ed McKeever
Ladies K1 - Anna Hemmings
Ladies K2 - Lucy Hardy / Abi Coulson


Gavs Latest 200 Tip -
Paddling Through The Line & Not Looking Sideways


Seedings for the September Regatta are now available [here]

Anyone interested in contributing to the website, writing reports etc.,
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HTML Results from June and July Regattas now available here

Points positions year to date can be found here

We are aware of 3 small errors in the Mens results, which also have a knock on effect to the points. These should hopefully be resolved this evening.


Official Nottingham Regatta Results from July have been added in PDF form [here]


Message from Gavin Turrell:

Greeting 200 Warriors!!

Well done everyone at the British Champs - it's a tough regatta to get it together for !

Ed - it looks like you dominated the K1 200 this year so definitely a deserving win. Well done mate !

Reflections - I've enjoyed being British Champ from 02 to 04 and my medals hang proudly in my study. I miss you all and the call of the water but I have a beautiful wife and daughter to balance things out. Cassidy is a strong little girl already - maybe she will be good over 200 too ! :)

Good luck lads and lasses for the rest of the year.

All the best



July regatta has now been and gone!

Winners of the Mens K1: Ed McKeever from Ian Wynne, then Peter Almasi in 3rd place

Winners of the Womens K1: Anna Hemmings, from Becky Hunter, then Kim Dawson in 3rd place.

Winners of the Mens C1: James Train, from Karl Yurwich, then Lee Watson in 3rd place.

We hope to have the results and seedings on the site (including June's) in due Course.


Official Nottingham Regatta Results from June have been added in PDF form [here]


Seedings for the July Regatta are now available [here]

Roll on the National Championships in July!

Anyone interested in contributing to the website, writing reports etc.,
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Results from the Poznan World Cup can be found here: Poznan

Rachel Lovell (AUS), formerly Rachel Train (GBR) takes second place in the Ladies K1 200m Final A


Official Nottingham Regatta Results from May have been added in PDF form [here]

Spot the minor mistake on the front page.


Seedings for the June Regatta are now available [here]

With only 2 boats entered in the K4 200m event in May, this event was not put onto the programme.
It would be great to see people putting together some more boats to go out in this exciting event in June!


Points Rankings have been updated to reflect the May regattas results and can be found [here]

Minor error with the points allocations in the womens event from April has also been resolved, the problem was as a result of 2 ladies with the same initial and name, upsetting our Crystal Reports processing from the results database.


The second British sprint regatta of 2005 has been run at Notintgham this last weekend.

200m results can be seen [here]

Congratulations to Ed McKeever for winning the Mens K1, Shuna Braithwaite for the Womens K1, and James Train for the Mens C1.


More K4 200m entries required for the Regattas.

We have just heard that the regatta organisers require more than 2 boats to be entered for the race to run, currently there are only 2 boats entered for the May regatta, so the race may be cancelled!

Why not go out and race?

Hardcopy results from the April regatta are now scanned and available [here]

The Seedings for the May 2005 Regatta at Nottingham are now available [here]

Points Results have been added in the Seedings section.

The First British Sprint Regatta of 2005 has been held at Nottingham this last weekend, we can now bring you the 200m results, in our results section.


John has supplied us with a review on Oakley Pro M sunglasses.


The 200m boys are off to their training camp in France this coming weekend!


With the 2005 racing season getting ever closer, it is time to start thinking about those 200m K4 crews for the April regatta!

Lets see if we can put out as many boats as last season, of not more!


Review on Eyecatcher sunglasses by Hannu Kaukola


News of the First Finnish 200m ergo championships provided by Hannu Kaukola from

Results from all distances of the Ergo Championships can be found here
Naiset=Women, Miehet=Men

Hannu: "...I have been ill at this week, so I couldn"t participate. Shame! It would have been fun to be the first 200m ergo champion."


An updated daily diet list for Gavin Turrell since moving to Australia!
See this and more in our diets section!


Cicelysystems have announced the launch of their 3D kayak technique software.

The software is a 3D presentation of the technique guide developed by Imre Kemecsey.

Imre was instrumental in raising the game in British Canoeing at the end of the 1990's, his ideas and concepts are widely used and I am sure widely mis-understood by many British paddlers and coaches.


We now have a picture of Gavin and daughter Cassidy


A star is born, Gavin Turrell and wife Lisa have just announced the birth of their baby daughter Cassidy Turrell, weighing in at 8lb 9oz.


New Profile added for Sofia Paldanius from Sweden


John has provided an overview of our expected Training Camp in 2005. Please see 2005 - training Camp in the Discussion Section.


It's been around the world a few times already, but I thought it was worth adding this little video clip to the site! Is it a lucky escape, or some good video editing.



John's Diet added to Nutrition Section


Link to Sofia Paldanius website added to Links


Gavin is currently getting up to speed with a new job, preparing for the arrival of his first child, and putting in some preparation for the Australian Nationals in March.

Here is a glimpse of some of the training that he is managing to squeeze in.


Gent (Belgium) Regatta Details have been released.

This years event will be held on the weekend of May 21/5 & 22/5
We hope to see you there!


John's - Favourite Sessions


Another poem for the Poet Turrell - 2004/2005 - A New Year


To all you 200 specialists out there.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and many thanks for all your support to our Website during 2004.

From Team (Steve, Danny, Mark, John and Gav).


Gavs Latest 200 Tip -
The Importance of a Good Warm down after your 200m Race


We have had a small break between updates to our site because it's that time of year where people are training, but not racing the 200m.
However, courtesy of Gav, we have a few items coming over the next few days or so!


Kimmo Latvamki - one of Finland's top 200m paddlers, has a new website (unfortunately it is in Finnish, but hopefully the images etc. are of interest)


New Profile added for one of the all time legends of 200m racing - Vince Fehervari.

Vince is currently living in and racing for Australia, but spent 18 years racing for Hungary and picking up many medals at World, European and Hungarian National Championships!

(Does everyone still remember that fantastic K1 200m race at the Worlds in Halifax in 1997. It is still my favourite race of all time)

See Vince's website for extra information


The National Champions/Points Champions Summary page has just been updated.

We have also added the Belgrade Regatta Course to the regatta courses section

If you see any more items that need amending, please let me know via e-mail


After a lot of hard work over the last week or 2, we have performed a large amount of data cleansing, to remove a number of anomalies that we found in the latest data uploaded from previous years UK Results.

We have standardised names, capitalised everything, sorted crew boats in alphabetical order etc. so that the automated report would allocate points correctly.

Please see previous results in HTML
Please see the Points Champions over the last 11 years.
And the Champion of Champions for all time Point scoring in Singles - HTML version & XLS version

The National Champions/Points Champions Summary page still needs a little work, so look out for this update ni the next few days.

If you see any more items that need amending, please let me know via e-mail


A message from Gavin Turrell in Australia:

Greetings 200 Warriors.

I hope you are all doing well over there and wherever else you may be tuning into the site from. Well I am back in the land of canoeing again and had my first regatta two weekends ago. It was held in a National Park South of Sydney and run by a canoe club called Lilli Pili. The turn out was good with some 90 people racing and lots of youngsters out there on the track which is very encouraging.

There were only 6 of us in the 200 and I came 2nd - blasted out and led all the way but caught on the line, however since I had only completed 6 sessions prior to the race I was quite pleased. Gave the Aussies a little taste of my speed! :)

Next on course will be the Australian State Champs in Jan 05 and then the big one - The Aussi Champs in March where I will be looking to at least book a seat in the final!

I am currently training on a 750 metre stretch of water that divides two lakes (that in turn connect to the sea ). 750 is fine for me, since I only need a 250 stretch of water to train suffiiciently well.

One bizarre concept of this training patch are the jellyfish that come in on the incoming tide. When I train in the evening the things are pulsating in the water all over the place. They are harmless and the kids pick them up and play with them much as UK kids pick up and play with conkers, however these 'jellies' can be rather disconcerting if you are doing a burn and constantly hitting them. I still don't fancy falling in though, harmless or not! :)

I bought my my sticks over with me (custom made scaffold poles by Tim Middlehurst). If you want a 200 blade that won't break he is the man to see. I am now also the proud owner of a double carbon sandwich Cleaver- X. Stiff as anything and on weight. A bit of an old warhorse but somehow we go together. I miss the red beast (my M3 for those of you not familiar with GT) but I bet it is enjoying its retirement down in the west country.

I am now working for the sister company that I worked for in the UK as a Sales Executive, so things are secure at that end and Baby Turrell is due in January 05 ! - busy times. Plan to be back to the UK for two weeks in April and may even have a spin at Nottingham if the dates come good.

Take care guys and girls. Train hard and bust a gut - this is the time of year to really hurt and make the sessions count. Remember the time to train hard right now is when you really don't want to. It is cold, dark, raining - but get out there and do it. If you want some motivation crank up Eye of the Tiger !


The Rocket.

Cheers Gav


200m rises in popularity!

We have recently been advised of a Norwegian site following in our foot steps in the promotion of 200m racing.

Have a look at this site, which is developed by a group of Norwegian Junior Paddlers (who will hopefully become good senior 200m paddlers).
Watch out for the advertising though!


It's that quiet time of year, so we have finally finished correlating the UK Results going back to July 1993!

Points Champions during this time will be calculated shortly.


Gavin has been in touch with one of the all time 200m legends, Vince Fehervari, currently in Australia, and has provided a link to Vince's website.

We are hoping to get a profile shortly! Watch this space!


A Little Different:

Last weekend was the final of the Wavehopper Challenge in the UK.

This event, aimed at Under 16's, using Plastic Wild Water boats known as Wavehoppers, was the final for 2004.

Points from the best 2 results through the year, and double points from the final go towards both individual and club results.

The relevance to us, is that the finals (and the early round attended by Leighton Buzzard Canoe club) were held on a 200m slalom / whitewater course in Northampton.

The top clubs in the Wavehopper Challenge were: Shropshire Paddlesport, Leighton Buzzard, and Meridian.

Outside of the Wavehopper Challenge was a wildwater competition (for those who were Over 16), Steve Tingay of finished 2nd in the Div B event (nothing special, but it was the first time in one of these boats for 17 years).
Results from the Open category are not yet published.

See the Wildwater website for more details.


DVD's from the Olympics (put together by landed on our doorstep last week. Here is our short-review:

The PAL version is 5 DVD's in length, Disk 1 contains the Heats, Disk 2 is 1000m Semi-Finals, Disk 3 is 500m Semi-Finals, Disk 4 is 1000m Finals and Disk 5 is the 500m Finals.

Every race is covered on this disk set, so it is great if you were unable to get all of the races recorded from TV yourself.

A menu system allows you to choose which set of races you watch, although in the Heats for example it points you to all Mens K1 1000m Heats (for example), but this is not a problem (it is being a little picky to want to label each race as a chapter and be available from the menu).

For me, an English speaker, the excitement of the commentator is mainly wasted, as the commentary varies between Russian, Spanish and German. It was still possible for me to understand what was happening, as names and positions were fairly easy to understand.

Through all the hours of canoeing, there were only 1 or 2 slight pauses (presumably as the play device was changed to a different medium). The only other slight problem I had, was that Disk 1 wasn't immediately recognised by my DVD player, but I overcame this by inserting another disk first, then inserting this disk, and it worked.

All in all, this provides good coverage of the Olympic Canoeing, and is one of those keep sake items to bring out from time to time! (Especially when one of your fellow countrymen has won a medal, and you want to remember it)


News Just in...

Current K1 200 Metre British Champion Gavin Turrell has decided that life in Oz would not be complete without some speed and has accordingly dug his paddles out (they didn't even have time to gather dust!:)) and has joined the Central Coast Canoe Club, which is based in a town called Wyong, around 100 kms north of Sydney. The club mainly focus on marathon, so Gavin will be hoping to find some new enthusiasts among its ranks to have a crack at the odd 200.

Gavin is currently training hard on a surf ski and combining that with gym work. Full on training will commence in 10 days time with a focus on the New South Wales State Sprint Championships in January 2005 and then the Australian National Sprint Championships in March 05.

Competition for the 200 K1 is stiff in Australia with 5 athletes going sub
38 in the final at the Nationals last year. The event was won in 36 seconds!

Gavin will be sending in regular reports on his progress together with race reports and hopefully the odd profile.

Good luck to the 'Red Rocket from Richmond' !!


New profile Added for Milos Grujic, from Serbia.


New Wake Up Call - Training Tip - supplied by Gavin Turrell


Results from the September Regatta have arrived and have been scanned and made available in PDF format, including the Cover Sheet [here]


New profile Added for Djordje Pavlovic, Currently paddling for Cyprus, but formerly from Serbia. Djordje is the current Natinoal Coach for Cyprus.


Ian Wynne Masterclass - Sat. 25th September @ Falcon Oxford

Olympic Bronze Medallist - Ian Wynne, takes a monthly 'Masterclass' at Oxford's Falcon Canoe Club.

Everyone's welcome to attend his first post-Athens visit to the club regardless of whether you're a member of Falcon or not. However there is a £7.50 charge for all on-water participants.
To find out more and for some training tips from Ian visit:


Results from the 2004 Sobeka regatta for the Eural cup are now avilable on the Sobeka website and the 200m only results are available from our results section


Closer to home:

Womens 200m races - seeded finals, or class racing?

Although we have put seedings together for Men, Women and Canoes, at this point only Mens racing has used the seeding system.

We have had a request, asking if the Womens racing could also be run using the seeding system, so that womens racing is closer, more competitive and more spectacular to watch, but what do you think?

This is a call for all British Women Paddlers to pass comment on this suggestion:

Do you want to race people of the same ability over 200m, whether ranked in Womens A or Womens D?
Do you want races that are much closer at the finish?
Are you happy with the current Class Racing System?

Please e-mail me now, I will pass any combined comments on to the Sprint Racing Committee and the Regatta Organiser for thought prior to the 2005 season.


Sobeka regatta in Belgium has just finished.
Vincent Naert from Sobeka was dominant, winning the following:

K1 200m,
K2 200m (with Dieter Caluwier)
K1 500m
K2 500m
K4 500m

Pictures from the event can be found here
Hopefully Sobeka will release full results from their event shortly, so that we can share these with you also. (We had to leave before the 200m finals results were published).

Steve Tingay was pleased with a 5th place in the K1 200m final.

Steve Tingay's profile updated with a picture from Sobeka
Points Champions are now in place from 1993 until 2004 (excluding 1994 & 1995). Also linked from the seedings page
Another poem for the Poet Turrell - A Day at le Temple-sur-Lot
Seedings for April 2005 now posted in the seedings section.
Nottingham September 2004 Results added to the results Section
UK Champions Page updated with National Champions and Points Champions for 2004

The Final Nottingham Regatta of 2004 has passed this last weekend.
With the Olympics last weekend, there were a few people missing, but this didn't stop the racing!

Result Highlights:

Mens K1 - Tom Daniels 1st, Mike Quane 2nd, Steve Tingay 3rd (almost back in full training)
Mens K2 - Daniels/Seaford 1st, Moule/Moule 2nd, Quane/Sowry? 3rd
Mens K4 - Chelmsford 1st, Elmbridge 2nd, Royal/Wey/Bishops Stortford/Norwich 3rd

Mens C1 - Matt Lawrence 1st, James Train 2nd, Steve Train 3rd

Womens K1 - Claire Gillbe 1st, Zara Dale 2nd, Frankie Negus 3rd.
Womens K2 - Gillbe/Gillbe 1st, Hynds/Negus 2nd, Dale/Brixey 3rd

Inter-Club Competition - Leighton Buzzard 1st, Elmbridge 2nd, Wey 3rd.

As soon as the official results are available, we will process into our results section and prepare for next years seedings.

Please let us know your comments on the seedings system

New profile Added for Gary Parkinson, one of our new contributors from the UK

New profile Added for Jari Aittakari from Finland


Section on Canoe Paddling has been added.


GB Olympic Games Results all in:

Tim Brabants - K1 1000m - 5th
Ian Wynne / Paul Darby-Dowman - K2 1000m - 7th
Ian Wynne - K1 500m - 3rd
Lucy Hardy - K1 500m - 7th

Well done to all!
Another medal and a final for all!

New Visualisation Tip supplied by Gavin Turrell (now residing in Australia)
Team GB have made 4 finals from 4 events at the Current Olympic Games, this must be one of the best Olympic Games in History for British Canoeing.
200m results from the US Nationals now added to the Results Section
An update to the Equipment Review Section for the Nelo M3 by Gary
Thanks to Hannu from SprintKayak for providing the Results from the Finnish National Championships 2004:

Unfortunately Hannu was unable to race himself, see why
Message from Gary (the new owner of Gavin's Moskito)

Just a wee note to say that Gavin's pristine red Mosquito is now enjoying a gentle retirement in sunny Cornwall ..... used on the Bude canal and other flat water venues in the SW.... possibly be seen back up at Richmond every now and then as well - so it will not be getting any scratches or dings from over use or shallow water!

I'm not an out and out sprinter - but have raced at Notty many times in the past - so will take good care of Gavin’s pride and joy.

May I wish Gavin & family all the best and good luck in sunny Aus!
best wishes
@ the home for retired sprint boats!

With thanks to a member of Leighton Buzzard Canoe Club, we are able to offer some pictures from 200m racing at the Nene White Water Race in June, and Nottingham Regattas in June and July

I have compressed the pictures for the site. If you wish to have a copy of the Full Size version (around 3Mb each), please e-mail me stating the picture name and a suitable reply address.

Unfortunately we haven't put it together in a gallery yet, so please browse through the directory [here]

News Just in from Gavin & Lisa Turrell.

It would appear that Gav's retirement and forthcoming emigration to Australia will tie in well with the birth of their first child, just confirmed as being due in January 2005!


Results from the July Regatta have arrived and have been scanned and made available in PDF format, including the Cover Sheet [here]
Seedings for the September Regatta and Current Rankings for 2004 have just been posted. Check out your current seeding position!
Results from the Mechelen International Regatta have been added to the Results section
Congratulations to Lucy Hardy (GBR) for winning the Womens K1 200m event at last weekends Mechelen International Regatta. 200m results to follow shortly.
Results in HTML format have been added to the Results Section for both June and July Regattas at Nottingham [direct link]

Comments from Gav following his last UK 200m regatta:

To all of you out there.

Thank you british canoeing for giving me 20 years of pain, smiles, headwinds, glory and the odd tear!

I've had a fantastic time and loved the canoeing way of life. It has always been balanced with a full time job so like a lot of you out there, there has been a lot of sacrifice and a difficult juggling act to follow.

Racing has been diverse for me over the years - 6 DW's (Devizes to Westminster - 125 miles, or 200km), Division 1 in Marathon, Mens A for several years, 3 international sprint trips (1 for GB and 2 for Ireland) and several National Sprint titles.

Special thanks over the years must go to Trevor Wetheral who coached me to two top 3 positions in DW and to Allan Bennet, who has coached Steve and I for the last 3 years over the 200. Both men have been a major inspiration to me and lasting friendships have formed built on respect, a common love of canoeing and a desire to win.

My greatest moments:

* Getting my international vests in K1, K2 & K4 200 - nothing beats racing for your country (or in my case countries!)
* Coming 3rd in DW in 1998 with Mac - a blood and guts run in an exceptionally hard year. The guy really is as tough as he is portrayed to be!!
* Being National K2 200 Metre Champion with Steve Tingay in 2002 & 2003 - A fantastic and talented guy and a committed, dedicated individual.
He will always be a close friend now and I know he will continue to drive 200 metre racing in this country for us and for the talent of the future!
* Becoming British Champion in the K1 200 this weekend - I wanted to retire with this medal - and I did it!

I am heading off to Oz on the 18th of August with my lovely wife Lisa and who knows I may even pick up a paddle there. With Vince in residence there is certainly some inspiration to keep going (even if he would leave me for dead over a 200) - but even if I don't carry on the journey beware all aspiring 200 metre racers. One windy, grey day you may spot a bandana clad individual making his way up to one of the K1 200 finals at Nottingham - watch out, there was a rumour he was a bit useful at one time !! :)

On a serious note good luck to you all and especially to Tim, Ian, Paul and Lucy for Athens - Gold Medallists in the making I am sure !! - Go GB Go - These guys make us massively proud.

I will be having a leaving bash at some point - to which you are of course all invited ! Details will follow.

Take care all.


End of the road for a British Champion

After many years of training and racing, Gavin Turrell completes his last British regatta at the age 37 by taking his first ever K1 200m British Championship Title.

In a windy weekend Gavin stormed his way through to win the K1 by over a length, then going on to a close second in the K2 and finishing his afternoon with another silver in the K4. A fantastic end to a Strong Mans career!

A bandana tribute being sported by the winning K4 seeing out Gavs last 200m race!

We all wish Gavin all the best for his new life in Australia, but hope he will be back soon to go for a burn up down the Richmond Runway

Summary of the British National Championship regatta:

At the end of the British National Championship regatta, we have a new British Champion in the shape of Gavin Turrell (41.85), second place went to Richard Darby-Dowman (42.64) and third place to Keith Moule (43.41).

In the K2 first place went to Richard Darby-Dowman and Ed Cox (36.95), with Steve Tingay and Gavin Turrell a close second (37.46), with Steve Moule and Tim Sowry third (39.65).

The K4 saw Moule/Moule/Sowry/Heath (35.11) take it from Tingay/Turrell/Elkington-Cole/Hyman (37.76) and in third Seaford/Peake/Astbury/Etheridge (38.82).

In the womens races, Rebecca Hunter was first, from Sue Fowler second and K Ballem third. Womens K2 saw a win from Fowler/Bapty, second was Hannon/Surrage and third was Back/Janne.

In the Canoe Races, the winner was Matt Lawrence, from Lee Watson and in third place Richard Crooks.

UK Champions Page updated with the 2004 National Champions
Results from the Duisburg 200m Relays added to the Results Section.
Results from the June Regatta have finally arrived. PDF only version available at present [here]

A new design from Einar Rasmussen, as demonstrated at Duisburg regatta
Not a new concept, but good to see someone applying it to Racing Kayaks.

Do you think that the ICF will pass this?

Profile added for Nathan Baggaley, current Two Times Consecutive World Champion in K1 500m and current Four Times Consecutive Australian Champion in K1 1000m. (also quite a handy 200m paddler, having raced K2 with Vince Fehvari)
Gavin Turrells Profile updated with pictures taken at the June Regatta
Seedings for the National Championships regatta in June have been submitted to the Regatta Organisers, based upon results up until the May regatta. As we are expecting the July regatta to be based upon class racing (open K4 still), we have seeded people within their normal racing division.
19-Jun-04 team members: Steve Tingay, Gavin Turrell, John Astbury, Richard Etheridge, Dan Seaford and Owen Peake (honorary) met up today from various UK locations for a big 200m K2 session at Ealing Canoe Club in Perivale.
Historical UK Results Added for 1993, 1996 and 1997 - HTML format.
New Training item - Tapering for your 200m Race by Gavin Turrell
Still no signs of the Results from the June Nottingham Regatta on the Official Results site, so this has delayed our processing of the 200m results and seedings. Lets hope they come out soon!
Results from the European Championships in Poznan have now been formatted and added to the Results section of our site.

More exciting racing from the June Regatta at Nottingham.

A very classy field in the Mens Open 200m event, seeing 7 seeded finals of paddlers racing. This has been a steady increase, month over month, all year long. However, we do believe that for the National Championship event, it will be back to Classes. Still looking for feedback on the seedings (WM)

In the Mens event, we saw Peter Almasi make it 3 for 3 wins this season, showing that he is top boy in 2004, with Olympic Bronze Medallist (2000) and European Silver medallist (2004), Tim Brabants, coming in a very close 2nd (just a few 10th's of a second down) and Gavin Turrell ( coming in 3rd, just 0.23s down on Tim. Fantastic racing, hope I'm out there next time!

In the K2 event, Turrell & Tingay (still unwell) took their second win of the season, from Sowry / Moule and Maycock / Maycock (need to confirm).

The Mens K4 was again a very well turned out race, this time with 6 boats racing, and again, the Squad boat took the win. I look forward to another good turnout in this event in July!

Canoes and Women to follow. We hope to have some pictures shortly also!

More News on Juniors Racing 200m. Despite 200m racing being removed from the Racing programme, based upon potential physiological issues, some juniors have been selected to race the 200m event at an international regatta shortly.

Without race experience, this is a very tough way to be introdeuced to 200m racing!

Do you have a view on Juniors racing 200m events, please e-mail me: (WM)
Also, see our previous discussions on the Yahoogroup
Our very own team member, Gavin Turrell, is planning to emigrate to Australia in August. As a result, he is offering his Specialist 200m K1 for sale:

K1 - Nelo Mosquito M3 (Up to 95 Kg) Red deck and hull, Sprint Weight, Double Carbon Sandwich Construction, sliding seat, Excellent Condition (only used for sprinting). Comes complete with a Nelo padded boatbag.

Bargain at only £750.00 ovno.

[picture 1] , [picture 2]

Boat will be available for pick up at the National Sprint Championships at the beginning of July 04. If interested please contact Gavin Turrell on 07803-728995 or e-mail Gavin
New Equipment Page added (Vajda Speed Pods) showing new Vajda Boats
Gallery 7 Updated with 200m pictures from Gent (May 2004)
Another new profile and team member. Sam Hyman from Richmond Canoe Club, currently a final year Junior, with huge enthusiasm for 200m racing.
Report from the European Championships in Poznan by Ben Farrell
At the European Championships Vajda from slovakia displayed some new boats which have been developed specifically to race into headwinds. (There was a tail wind in Poznan, guys used them most likely just to get some publicity)

The idea is a concept developed by Ian Fergusson, New Zealand
The Boats may be avaliable for purchase after Athens at the soonest.
[pic1] [pic2]
New Poem submitted by Gavin Turrell called Final 1 - 200!
Pictures of the New Struer C1 [here] their website [website]
New Poem submitted by Ben Farrell from a rather Windy European Championships in Poznan - That's what they call the Two Hundred!
New Team member and profile to - Ben Farrell from Great Britain. Our first UK World Class athlete profile. Watch out for Ben's review of the forthcoming European Championships next week!

Seedings for the June Regatta have now been posted in the seedings section. Please have a look and provide feedback.

Direct Links:
- Mens K1
- Mens C1
- Womens K1

2004 Rankings to Date have been posted on the Rankings and Seedings Page
May Nottingham Regatta results have been added to the HTML results section, Seedings still to follow
Thanks to Hannu we can announce the 200m Team Selections for Finland for the European Championships:


K-1 200m Laura Inha
K-2 200m Johanna Leino - Erica Backstrom
K-4 200m -

K-1 200m -
K-2 200m Lauri Palmroth - Kalle Mikkonen
K-4 200m -

Results from the May Regatta for Canoes and Women are now available.

The Canoes was won by Matt Lawrence, with Karl Yurwich 2nd and Lee Watson 3rd.

In the Womens race, Rachael Train won, from Lucy Hardy, with Rebecca Hunter taking 3rd fastest time from another race.
It looks like a great 200m event will be shaping up at the US Nationals this year.
(thanks for the info Karl)

Lake Lanier Olympic Center - May 10, 2004

Phillip Sartain - Chairman of Lanier Canoe 2003 announced that Lanier Canoe
2003 will sponsor the first Lanier Cup prize race at the Lanier Lanier Olympic Center. The Lanier Cup will be featured as an exhibition event during the
USACK Sprint National Championships - July 28 - August 1, 2004!

The total purse of $3000 will be distributed as follows:
1st place Open Men K-1 200M $600 plus entries
1st place Open Women K-1 200M $600 plus entries
1st place Open C-1 200M $600 plus entries
1st place Open Men K-4 200M $600 plus entries
1st place Open Women K-4 200M $600 plus entries

Each athlete who is entered in the USACK Sprint National Championships can pay $10 to enter the Friday - July 30 evening Lanier Cup events.
The $10 entry fee will be added to the event purse the athlete enters. Athletes who are not already entered in the USACK Sprint National Championships will pay a $50 entry fee. The 2004 USACK Sprint National Championships has been declared open to International Athletes.

The Lanier Cup is intended to become an annual international event at the Lake Lanier Olympic Center. More information on the upcoming Lanier Cup events is coming soon!

Please put this event on your competition calendar and check the Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club website for more information as it becomes available!


GB Selections for the forthcoming European Championships:

Mens K1 - Peter Almasi
Womens K1 - Rachael Train
Mens C1 - Matt Lawrence

Good to see some 200m selections again, but shame it is not a full team!


The UK's second National regatta of 2004 has just finished, with great news to write about.

Peter Almasi makes it two wins from two regattas, with Tim Brabants (current K1 200m course record holder) coming in a very close 2nd. Liam Heath took 3rd, with our own Gavin Turrell coming in 4th.

The K2 saw Peter Almasi and Richard Darby-Dowman cross the line first, Maloney/Maloney from Ireland were 2nd, the 3rd fastest time was Egan/Pringle from Ireland and Tingay/Turrell coming in 4th. Steve and Gavin were a little disappointed with 4th, but with Steve having been sick since a couple of weeks before the April regatta, he was unable to perform at his normal level.

The K4 was a fantastic event, this regatta seeing 8 boats out on the start line. The winning boat was the British Squad boat, with the Irish boat coming in 2nd and the first club boat from Elmbridge coming in 3rd.
Again, fantastic to be a part of this race and to see new crews on the line such as that from Falcon of Oxford. I hope we will see them and more again!

Keep the K4 racing coming and enter your boats for June regatta! Can we make a full house? That would be amazing to see!

News on the womens and canoes race to follow.

On a different note, congratulations to Ian Wynne for breaking the Senior Mens K1 500m course record, and to Shuna Braithwaite for breaking the Junior Womens K1 500m course record.

New Training session added to the Training Section on Racing Season Gym Training, courtesy of Scott
New Team member and profile to - Richard Etheridge from Great Britain.
Results from Gent Regatta 2004 added [here]
Unfortunately the team were not present this year, but it looked like some fast 200m results, with members of the Australian and Dutch Team present.
Struer Kajak A/S have recently released their new Sprint C1, see the javascript link at the bottom of their website
Hannu Kaukola (Finland) has just returned from a Training Camp in Hungary, see information and pictures here
New Team member and profile to - Scott Humphry from South Africa, 2004 RSA National Champion!.
New Training session added to the Training Section on 200m Race Practice, courtesy of Gavin.
Yesterday we had problems with our Hit Counter that appears to have reverted back to '0'. It should have around 14,500 additional hits. We are looking into it, but don't think there is much we can do, as it is hosted out of our control.

Womens K1 and Mens C1 Seedings now posted for May Regatta in the seedings section.

We are still looking for constructive feedback and ways to improve the system. We have spent quite a bit of time trying to work out how to refine the seedings so that people get the best race they possibly can, based upon their ability.
Please contact me if you have any further suggestions.

Mens K1 Seedings have been posted for May Regatta in the seedings section. Women and Canoes to follow.
The long awaited April Nottingham Regatta results have been added to the HTML results section, Seedings still to follow
Another one of Gavin's poems [here] added the Discussion sections [here].

Success! We hope..

Coming back from the first British Sprint Regatta of 2004 and the first regatta seeded by the team, comments and feedback from the Sprint Racing Committee are positive. There was only 1 minor issue noted, which was the result of an entry that was not available at the time of seeding.

For the first time in a number of years, there was a true "racing" feel, as the first final lined up (in nasty head wind conditions), there was no clear winner all the way down, with the lead changing 2 or 3 times within the race.

Congratulations to Peter Almasi for winning the Mens K1 200m by 0.47s from Andrew Kelly, with Ed Cox in 3rd. In the womens, congratulations to Lucy Hardy for winning by 0.24s from Rachael Train, with 3rd H Brannsten. In Canoes the winner was Matt Lawrence, from Karl Yurkwich and Lee Watson in 3rd.

In the Mens K2, team members Steve Tingay & Gavin Turrell storm in to win by 2.62s over Moule/Sowry, with Maycock/Maycock coming in 3rd.

Finally it was absolutely amazing to see 6 Mens K4's out in the K4 200m race. We believe that 2 other boats were set to race, but due to the 10k race starting only a few minutes later, neither of these boats race.

Nonetheless, 6 boats is the most K4's I can remember racing a 200m race, and unpresidented for April regatta, where it is often a NO RACE.

Thanks to everyone who came out and raced, I hope you enjoyed it and will come out again next time!

To anyone who was concerned at racing in an Open Event, Please Don't Be!

We are seeding the event for a very good reason, so that you can race people of your ability, and not so that you are beaten (or win) by a large margin. Please come out and race!

Was this racing better than seeing 3 Finals go down, where the winner of each is winning by maybe 2s, and is racing on time the winner of the next race and you have no idea who is actually fastest on the day until the results are printed out?

Would you rather have Heats and Finals in the 200m races? (if the timetable would allow)

We are welcoming feedback from anyone who raced or watched, and have constructive comments to make, in order that we can improve any processes for next time. (Please remember, with any seeding system based upon raw data, there will always be some anomolies, but in an attempt to be as fair as possible, these can occur). Contact - Steve Tingay

Results and next regatta Seedings will be available shortly.


[Gavin Turrell] Gavin Turrel [profile] - France
Watch out, Phil Mitchell's back!
Who ate my 'stinky' fish snack!
What do you mean, I didn't win that one?

Also Turrell/Tingay video - MPG [here]

Another Gallery picture
- Robert Hegedus - HUN [here]
Not so new 'news', but the 200m results from the 2004 Australian National Championships are now in the Results Sections
Review on the Speed Coach Gold by Steve Tingay
Well what's new? Not much with most of the team in France putting the finishing touches to a hard winters training.

With until the first regatta, closing date for entries this Friday and the timetable meeting on the Saturday - the 2004 season is right on top of us! With most of the team in France it falls to me to offer assistance with the seedings for first regatta.

Steve Tingay [profile] Team - France:

New Bench Press Max for Gavin Turrell at 177kg, in the gym at Le Temple-sur-Lot this week
Weather is really good, 15-16 degrees, rising to 22 tomorrow.

River is very pleasant!

German team also training here at present.
The diversity of continues to grow with a new profile being added for Nuno André Santos from Portugal.

On the 19th January we laid down the Challenge to see how many K4's we could get racing in April. So far, although nothing concrete, we have whispers of the following boats preparing to enter:

Richmond 1
Richmond 2 (?)
Leighton Buzzard / Bishops Stortford
Reading / ?
Lincoln / Hereford (?)
Chelmsford (?)

Can we make a full house for the first time in 200m history?
Keep putting those boats together!!

Some minor tweaking has been performed to the UK Seedings for 2004. It appears to only be the Singles classes that will be open, so we are not showing the Crew boat rankings. Also, to allow for better racing for those 'unranked' paddlers, we have ordered people based upon their last race. This should go part way towards having more evenly matched races below the rankings. Please visit the Seedings section
The rotating seat campaign is gaining interest, Nelo are also planning to supply a rotating seat in their boats - [here]

Still yet to see one of these device in the UK?
New format for UK Results published in the Results section, now including all 200m results between 1998 and 2003 in HTML format.
Rotating Seats a thing of mystery? Maybe not, slowly but surely are collect more information on these illusive seating devices! [here]
Final Count Down - by Gavin Turrell
09-Feb-04 reaches 10,000 Hits. Thanks to everyone who has visited us and supported us!
Profile Added for Krisztián Bártfai - Hungary
Mental Preparation On Race Day - Gavin Turrell [here]
Unfortunately most of the team are passed their student days, but with no distance greater than 500m the student games would be right up their street.

Canoeing will be held in Kaukajärvi Regatta Center on Saturday 22nd May. The Games are open for university students, whose studies lead to Bachelor or Masters degree.

K-1 200m, 500 m, K-2 200m

C-1 200m, 500m, C-2 200m
K-1 200m, K-1 500m, K-2 200m

Straight flights to Tampere from London:

New items added:
- NWSC Regatta Results 2000
- Rankings 2000

All UK National Champions now added to the UK Champions page (points champions not yet complete)

Another items for Gav's Cooking Corner - Rate-Atoui by Gavin
The Challenge
At the April Regatta this year wouldn't it be exciting to have 9 K4's racing the 200 metre distance. Something rarely seen at any distance these days in the UK.

How do we get it organised to ensure we have a cracking spectacle in April:

Are you already in a crew of 4 people who want to do the race which will be on Saturday afternoon after the K2 200. If you are then please submit your names to Steve Tingay and we will publish your crew. You will then need to organise entries etc as per the normal fashion.

Not in a crew but interested?
Send us your name/names and we will work on forming a crew for you, putting you together with other like minded individuals.

As we get commitment/form each crew of 4 we will post the latest count!

Why are we doing this?
If you are a regular subscriber to this site, you will know that we at are passionate about 200 metre racing and aim to promote its status on every occasion possible. Not only that but we want to provide both the athletes and the spectators with exciting and close racing in 2004.

So what are you waiting for - send your details into Steve Tingay and let's get the ball rolling!!

All at
New today:
- NWSC Regatta Results 2001
- Rankings 2001
National & Points Champion Summary - work in progress
- UK Champions
New today:
- NWSC Regatta Results 2002
- Rankings 2002

Still to see a twisted seat in the flesh? Well courtesy of Daniele Scarpa, has a picture. This is the same seat he uses in his K1, however, adapted for his Paddle Simulator for a Concept 2 rowing machine.

More pictures can be found on
Profile Added for Balázs Botond - Hungary (check out the Hungarian coloured Nelo Vanquish boats at the bottom of the profile)
Profile Added for Akos Vereckei - Hungary - Not a proclaimed 200m paddler, but one of the Worlds Best paddlers! It is a pleasure to host this profile.
With only 111 days until the first UK regatta of the 2004 season, we are nearing the time to start the new season preparation. Here at 200m we are starting to raise momentum for the new 200m season ahead, and in particular the K4 races!

Now that we have an Open Senior Mens and Womens Class, there is no longer any restriction that only Mens A K4's (for example) can race or enter, leaving the event wide open to attract healthy competition and good entries!

The change in time tabling to move 200m racing to Saturday afternoon, should allow those concentrating on 1000m events to also take part and boost the entrants and competition.

As many UK paddlers will know, often in April there is a difficulty in getting enough paddlers together to have the 200m K4 events running on the program. Partially this is due to lack of organisation from disparately located paddlers prior to the regatta, partially because the event had only been open to Mens A paddlers and partially because those Mens A paddlers were all concentrating on selection events (so a K4 200m an hour before a K1 1000m Heat was never popular).

For this coming season, we would welcome people to start thinking about this event now! Ask around at your clubs, and of your fellow racers elsewhere, to put boats together! It would be amazing if we could raise the number of entrants from 0 in April 2003 to in excess of 4 as seen in September 2003, and even up to 6 - 9 boats!

More to come, probably in the New Year!

It has been a few days since we posted an update to our site. Please bare with us though, it is a very busy time of year. Everyone is planning Christmas, buying presents, attending Christmas parties etc.

Some of us (Dan and I specifically to my knowledge) are having to work extra hours, extra days, and odd times in the morning and evening to complete projects. Meanwhile, Gavin is busy preparing for his trip to Australia, Mark is on his new coaching assignment and John is busy tearing around Lincoln on 4 wheels!

However, we are still busy working away on things in the background. Shortly we hope to bring you the 'UK Cup' winners for previous years 1993 - 2002 (not that there is a cup at present) and a few other interesting items.

We are in the off season, so we are having to work with the material that we can find!

Finland's Top 200m Times 2003 and Results from K4 Nationals 2003 added to Results section. Thanks Hannu
On Saturday the 29th the first 200 Metre Masterclass was held at Richmond Canoe Club, Richmond, Surrey.

The class was run by Gavin Turrell (the current British 200 Metre Champion along with Steve Tingay in the K2) and the objective of the day was to give the group a general flavour of what 200 metre racing is all about.

20 athletes of varying abilities attended. Some just wanted to improve their starts in marathons, whilst others fancied a go at the 200's next season.

A classroom introduction started the 3 hour experience. Paddlers were introduced and a high level overview of 200 metre training and racing was given. The group then proceeded onto the water for a 1 hour session.

Gavin Turrell, performed demonstration starts and burns and the group completed 8 such efforts, getting a good feel for what it is like to do a flat out sprint ! The water session finished with a Mass Start 200 metre race.

The group then came off the water and returned to the gym where the highlights from the 200 metre racing at Gainesville were viewed. It was certainly inspiring to see such greats as Vince Fehervari, Ronald Rauhe and Rachel Train in action ! Finally there was a questions and answers session, a good opportunity for the group to reflect on the course content and their experience.

It was a successful day by all accounts and despite the evil weather conditions the group survived the session well.

Further masterclasses are planned at Richmond Canoe club in the future with such stars as Ivan Lawler and Tricia Davey partaking!

Would your club be interested in staging a 200 metre masterclass one weekend? If so please contact Steve Tingay or Gavin Turrell to check availability.
Profile Added for Brendon Stead RSA - fairly new to sprint racing, coming from a White Water and Marathon background. Watch out for the forthcoming picture on his profile in a few days.
Breaking News on Changes to the British 200m Racing Format for 2004 -

"Senior 200m racing to be held on Saturday afternoons, based on an Open Event for Men and Women, with a ranking system as suggested and maintained by

Junior 200m racing will be removed from the timetable. If any junior squad entries are made for any reason they will come from Shaun Caven.

The reasons stated as being:

There is no 200m Junior International Racing

In the light of the BCU's commitment to a Long Term Paddler Development model that has special attention to competitions matching physiological developmental phases, it is clear that the emphasis in competition and therefore training for juniors is not well served by 200m racing, but by longer racing distances including LD racing. This is a process that a lot of sports are doing - matching their competitions to their idea development patterns."

Many Thanks to the Sprint Racing Committee and the Regatta Organisation in allowing this Open Event with seeded finals to be introduced. We hope that this will deliver better racing within Finals and more commitment to 200m racing to maintain your rankings!


Press Release from Van Dusen Racing Boats about the Mohawk
[Press Release] - HTML
[Press Release] - Word Document
[Data from website] (11-Nov-03)

Also see [equipment]


I know in one shape or another integral rudders have been around, however, some of the latest additions can be found [here]

Source:Yahoo Kayak Group


A little light bit of entertainment - Poetry Corner


April Regatta in an nutshell [here]


Updated message from Urban Höglund & Robert Hedberg - Sweden:
"We see that we give you the wrong time - we have not 0:46:48 sek - we ar not that slow - the right time was 0:36:48sek in that 200m race you can see in the picture we send you (her we send you two more pictures from the same race 2002)

The fastest race we ever have done, where in Copenhagen olympic regatta 1997, at Beagsverd see - we were number tre in the final at time 0:34:85 sek." - [picture2] [picture3]

Reaction Timer - just a little bit of fun from
New from Van Dusen Racing Boats Mohawk
Another items for Gav's Cooking Corner - Banana Boost by Anita
E-Group discussion - Stepped Sessions
Another profile - Grayson Bourne - 5 Time Olympian and Current UK Course Record Holder K2 200m
Some more pictures added to Anne Rikala's profile [here]
A couple more picture add to the gallery - Gallery 6
Die hard 200m enthusiast in Sweden (amendment to time made 15-Nov-03)

Urban Höglund - Sweden:
"We are two swedisch 200m veteran freeks, Urban Höglund in the front 47years old and Robert Hedberg in the back seat 44 yers old (this year) - that compeat in K2 200m, the picture is from swedich championschip in Nyköping 2002 against all younger paddlers we remaind at seven place in the final at the time 0,36,48sek (in side vind from left) - we sent you a picture from that event, to put in to your gallery at Thanks for an intressting site. We hope you put in more training tips for 200m." - [picture]
Another profile - Andrew Kelly - UK National Champion
Gavin's Winter Training Plan - for big boys only!

This training plan posted by Gavin is not necessarily suitable for any other paddler to follow. Please read it for informational purposes, but ensure that before thinking about implementing anything that you see, you discuss thoroughly with your own coach. If you do not have a coach, please discuss with other paddlers, or other sport people, to ensure that you are not embarking upon an incorrect plan for your development.

Please also note with reference to the weight training information, Gavin is very strong, and has built up to the weights shown here over a number of years. If you are involved in Weight training and are not lifting these kinds of weights, please consult a Weight Training expert before thinking about building up to this level. If you can lift more already, then Well Done!
Another page added to the gallery - Gallery 6
Some humorous sayings added to Gavin's Profile
More Recipe's courtesy of Gav
All Nottingham 200m results from 2003 now posted (not just Mens K1)
Gav's '200 Metre' Spaghetti Bolognese Special
Profile and Diet added for Mark Hoile (GBR)
Another Poem from Gavin Turrell
Unofficial UK Rankings for 2003 Season are now available here
Countdown to the First UK National Sprint Regatta of 2004, only Days Remaining until we start racing at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham!

Can anyone beat Mr Kelly next year? Seedings 2004

The 2004 UK National Regatta Dates are:

April 3/4
May 8/9
June 5/6
July 3/4
September 4/5
Why are we here? - Not the answer to life, but the explanation to why we started this site? [here]
Which Paddle should I buy?
Is the latest conversation thread on our e-group - see discussion
New Gallery page Regatta Course, for information on regatta course [here]

Help Wanted
We would welcome input from anyone else on the list, who might be able to provide a photograph and a paragraph or 2, maybe a map, or some other reference for ANY regatta Course, whether it is of International Standard, Club Standard, or just a Piece of Water that you use for Time Trials.

We would certainly welcome input from our Australian, South African, Dutch and Eastern European list members.
Suggested UK Seedings for 2004
New profile - Anne Rikala (FIN)
From all at

We were saddened to hear of Tim 'Barry' Mumfords accident and subsequent injuries.

At this stage we wish him a speedy and full recovery. We also hope that before too long he is back in a boat and back to his winning ways!

Steve, Dan, Gavin, John and Mark
World Championships 2003 - Gainesville, USA
- Finals
- Points (200m)
- Points (all races)
Our regatta course section is growing, thanks to Hannu
USACK National Results 2003
Finnish National Results Archive
Lithuanian K2 A.Duonela/E.Balciunas charge to their 3rd World title over 200m, despite having a very scary moment in the semi K2

Vitas, New York:
I am just back from Gainesville, GA. I saw all races. A lot of drama was in K-2 200M semi-final races. Lithuanian team (A.Duonela/E.Balciunas) after the start performed strong strokes, and A.Duonela's blade cracked in 3 places. Anyway they run ahead and did the final. After that we had to replace old blades, to define right angle, twist and position for the new blades utilizing old shaft for A. Duonela.

Lithuanian team became third time World Champions in K-2 200M !
It was fantastic race!
"Who Will Win Competition" - Results [click]
A couple more regatta course added [click]
Good Lithuanian site with regular updates
Mens K1 200m Final - Gainesville [picture]
Steve's contribution to developing C4 racing [click]
Regatta Course Section added
Gallery 5 - World Championships 2003
Abi Cattle GB Team Gainesville:

The GB kayak team arrived in Gainesville, USA - about an hour's drive from Atlanta - on Monday 1st September. While the flight was a steady eight and a half hours, the tortuous part of the journey was the four hours between landing in the USA and leaving the airport on the coach. This delay was largely filled with American-sized portions of queuing - queue for immigration, baggage collection one, baggage surrender, body searches and shoe x-rays, baggage collection two and finally an hour and a half's wait on the coach for the Slovakians, who we were told 'shouldn't be long'!

Tired and hungry, we arrived at the Georgia Mountain Centre (GMC) although no mountains have been spied in the vicinity yet. A quick meal, a final queue for accreditation and bed, some people having been traveling for 22 hours.

While transport arrangements on Tuesday appeared inadequate, they have improved exponentially since to provide buses to the course every 20 minutes, and one is met big a big American 'how y'all doin' today' every single time. All meals are taken at the GMC. Food is good (if a little repetitive) and plentiful, as is the amount of polystyrene and plastic that fills the 'trash cans'.

The course, used for the 1996 Olympic Games, is at Lake Lanier, about 15 minutes from the GMC. It is a lake formed by the meeting of two rivers in the midst of beautiful, woody surrounds. I am sorry to report that the 'it's always a tail wind' rumor is only that. We have experienced wind from all directions(!) but if it is a tail wind, there'll be some fast times clocked.

The boat sheds are chock full of new boats, Plastex, Nelo and a few Vajdas. It looks like every team has bought a new fleet for this very important event. With the exception of a few craft, most boats appear to have survived the shipping over here.

Racing will begin this Thursday with the heats of the 1000m in the morning and 500m in the afternoon. For now, athletes are putting the finishing touches to their training and are generally resting up. The calm before the storm!
World Championships - Gainesville Information
Only days to the start of the World Championships, so "Whos going to win?" [discussion]
Article on over training [resource]

Eurosport Times for World Championships
11/9 Live 21:00 CET (20:00 UK Time)

12/9 - 08:30 CET (07:30 UK Time)
Live 19:45 CET (18:45 UK Time)

13/9 - Live 22:15 CET (21:15 UK Time)

14/9 - Live (?) 05:16 CET (4:16 UK Time)
08:30 CET (07:30 UK Time)
21:15 CET (20:15 UK Time)

British National Regatta 5 - September 2003

Nottingham September 2003 Regatta Program added in pdf
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This weekend saw the 20th Snef Kayak Club regatta take place in Seneffe - 200m results [here] all results [here]. Pictures to follow soon.
Analysis of UK 200m results this year
Calling all canoe paddlers!
This site requires your input, unfortunately the team currently do not have a canoe paddler amongst them. The aim of this site is to provide a complete 200m resource and to do this your input is required WM
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In compiling a complete list of results we appear to have a couple of anomalies, regard ladies time. Can anyone confirm the real times? WM
Finally putting some structure in the mass of 200m results [click here]
Finlands 200m Team - Worlds - Gainesville
Great Britain 200m Team - Worlds - Gainesville
Romas Petrukanecas (LTU) interview
World Championship Results 1991-1997
The above site contains a number of World Championship Results, soon we will collate all 200m results under this site
World Cup Rankings 2003
Banbury 200m Time Trail
UK Standards for Racing
Profile for Mark Hoile
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Winning the Race by Gavin Turrell
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