Regatta Courses

This section is still in early stages of its development. The idea is to collect as much information as possible about each course. For example what events have been run there, wind directions accommodation and support facilities that are available.

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Regatta course is Ada Lake just 15 min from city center of Belgrade, Serbia. It is about 3000 m long and 300 m wide. Last year on the lake was held U23 WC in rowing. Last 3 National champs in kayak are held on it also. It is built for needs of WC in kayak in ' 82 and today is modern sport center; on it were held 2 WC in kayak. Funny thing is that there are no kayak clubs on the lake?! Just 2 rowing clubs are trainning on it! [more pictures]
Lake Pupuke, New Zealnd
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Lake Pupuke is where the New Zealand Sprint Champs have been held. It is a circular volcanic lake. Buoys are only put out for the race and pulled back in using a car jacked up, fixing the buoys cable to the drive axel. The weather changes drastically within minutes, rain, hot sun, wind all in 1hour. A top little lake!
Mantes la Jolie, France

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Nykoping, Sweden

Recent Events
Junior Euro Champs 1998
Tampere, Finland

Recent Events
World Championships 1973 & 1983
Gent, Belguim
Seneffe, Belguim
Seneffe Regatta 2003 Gallery
Nottingham, England
Course Records
Pozan, Poland
Seville, Spain
Sydney, Australia
Szeged, Hungary
Zagreb, Croatia
Lake Motso, Japan
Eton, England
Idroscalo, Italy
Lahti, Finland
Lake Lanier, America
Most recent Event - World Championships 2003