This section is all about the people that race 200m, and what makes them tick!

Name Country Posted Modified
Gavin Turrell Great Britain 04-Aug-03 17-Jan-06
Steve Tingay Great Britain 04-Aug-03 17-Jan-06
John Astbury Great Britain 04-Aug-03 11-May-05
Nigel Jones Great Britain 15-Aug-03 -
Daniel Seaford Great Britain 17-Aug-03 11-Jul-04
Andrew Kelly Great Britain 24-Oct-03 -
Grayson Bourne Great Britain 03-Nov-03 -
Richard Etheridge Great Britain 05-May-04 11-May-05
Ben Farrell Great Britain 17-May-04 -
Sam Hyman Great Britain 27-May-04 -
Gary Parkinson Great Britain 31-Aug-04  
Ollie Sims Great Britain 14-May-07  
Nathan Baggaley Australia 25-Jun-04  
Vince Fehervari Australia (Hungary) 05-Nov-04  
Djordje Pavlovic Cyprus (Serbia) 20-Sep-04 -
Heikki Ritvos Finland 04-Aug-03 -
Ilkka Ritvos Finland 04-Aug-03 -
Hannu Kaukola Finland 04-Aug-03 -
Anne Rikala  Finland  01-Oct-03 
Jari Aittakari  Finland  30-Aug-04 
Akos Vereckei Hungary 01-Jan-04 -
Balázs Botond Hungary 03-Jan-04 -
Krisztián Bártfai Hungary 06-Feb-04 -
Romas Petrukanecas Lithuania 04-Aug-03 -
Nuno André Santos Portugal 04-Mar-04 -
Milos Grujic Serbia 01-Oct-04  
Brendon Stead South Africa 28-Nov-03 02-Dec-03
Scott Humphry South Africa 30-Apr-04  
Sofia Paldanius Sweden 21-Jan-05