Grayson Bourne

Ivan Lawler / Grasyson Bourne K2 10k World Champions 1989

Height 5' 9"
Weight 12st 10lb
Club and Former Clubs Royal, Elmbridge
Age begun canoeing? 14

Coach and Former Coaches Mark Giddings

Favourite Training Venue?

Preferred Racing venue?

Favourite Training Session?
10 x 500m

Favourite Training camp Location?

Why do you enjoy canoeing so much?
The sport has everything. It requires strength, fitness, aptitude. The feel of a boat running at maximum speed is thrilling.

What specific training do you do for 200m?
Short distance repetition. Starts. Lactic tolerance

What is your Occupation?
KayakPro owner

What does your typical day consist of?
Working at Kayakpro, then trying to get out on the water late afternoon. (doesn't always work that way though)

How do you feel that 200m is developing on the UK and the
international scene?
In the UK it isn't. Internationally, well. It's a great spectator sport.

What current equipment are you using and how does this benefit your
Nelo Boats are the best designs and constution around I wish the present model was around during my competitive years.

What are your Best Results?
5th. K2 500 Mexico WC's

What is your International History?
British team since 1977 retired 1999
K2 10,000m World champion 1990
K2 10,000m Silver 1989
64 British National Titles
5 Times Olympian

Grayson Bourne/Steve Tingay - current K2 200m NWSC course record holder

What is you favourite distance (K1-2-4, 200, 500, 1000)?
K2 200m

What do you wish to improve upon for next year?
To try to get out in a boat as much as possible.

And What are your plans for next season?

What do you feel is the most important part of 200m racing?
Staying relaxed, in order to maximise race distance speed

How do you feel about your overall performance this year?
8th US National K1 200m Didn't really train before the event, but pleased to see, that I can still pick up some speed

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