Nuno André Santos

Date of Birth - 17/12/76
Weight - 70 Kg
Height - 173cm
Club - Oporto University Club
Coach - Myself
Occupation - PR Nelo Kayaks
Favourite Training Venue - Home, Porto Downtown, outstanding venue
Favourite Racing Venue - Duisburg
Favourite Training Session - 12 * 4' int 2'
Favourite Training Camp Location - Seville, Spain

Previous Race History

92-94 Junior Sprint Team
95-01 Marathon Team
01-03 Sprint Team

Vanquish M and Bracsa VII

What do you consider to be the most important elements to being a top 200 metre paddler?

Speed and coordination, it's something you have or not, it's not easy to improve it.

What specific training methods do you adopt to get that all important sharpness/explosive power needed for the 200 event?

I believe that the sharpness and the power come from a good technique, so i like doing 5 (5x 100 mt int 2') int 5', at a more less comfortable speed where you can fell the gliding after every stroke, you really get full focus on those 20''.

What do you feel can be done internationally to promote the 200 metre event?

I think the sponsors have to come into canoeing, not in the athletes level, but in organization level, the money that is being charged for accomodation and entry fees, should revert also to the athletes. Being a non Olympic event, but a very spectacular one, prize money would give more competitivity, wich in the future could bring the Olympic status to this distance. It's time for us to learn with other sports, like windsurf or sailing.

What do you enjoy most about 200m racing?

The fact that you have to shut your brains down, and just go all the way maximum power.

What does your typical day consist of?

I normally train at 7, go to work around 9,30, and than go back to training at 18,00. Of course after a day of work the afternoon session is a short and easy one.

Do you have any other interests other than kayak?

I am very interested in golf at this moment, I am trying to low my handicap, that at this moment is really big!! Also I am regular surfer, as I live just 800 mt from the beach.

What are your preferred Racing Distances / events?

K2 200mt and 500mt, they are fast, and the feeling of the speed in the K2 is in my opinion, one of the best. The k1 the glide is never fast enough, and the K4 it's very hard to make it 100% stable and comfortable.

Why do you enjoy canoeing so much?

Canoeing has been a part of my life for the last 17 years, my father and all my brothers did canoeing. and for the last 4 years even my work is directly related to it, so it's hard to imagine my life without it, I cannot identify or describe all the reasons it's just there.

What do you have planned for the future?

My plans is to train for fun, and to keep in shape. My work allows me to train with the best athletes in the World, and for me it's a good challenge to keep in shape, just to have the oportunity of sharing some sessions with them.

What would you say your strengths are in flat-water?

I reaaly don't have any, as I'm fisically not very strong, and my technique, is improving but still a lot to do.