Balázs Botond

Date of Birth 1984.07.23.
Height 181 cm

Weight 80 kg
Club Honved-Westel
Coach Ferenc Csipes
Hometown Budapest
Age begun canoeing? 1993
Favourite Training Venue? Szeged

What Made you decide flatwater was the sport you wanted to do?
My brother was canoeing, and I tried so many sports, but then after all canoeing was what I like the best

Preferred Racing Distance? 1000m

Favourite Training Session?
Everything, excluding swimming

Favourite Training camp Location?
Australia, Seville

Why do you enjoy canoeing so much?
Because of my buddies, the successes

What is your most memorable moment in racing?
2001 Junior World Championship where I was 2. in K1 – the whole race

Do you have any pre race ritual ..which brings you luck?
Yes but if I tell it, I will have no more luck :-)

Do you train much off the water like in the gym? is the heavy weights a determining factor in your performance?
Not too much, in the summer twice a week.

Do you use any supplements like protein powders and vitamins?
No protein, some vitamins and isotonic drinks

What specific training do you do for your event?
Secret :-)

What do you have planned for the future??
Being one of the best kayakers (o maybe even the best…) in Hungary

What does your typical day consist of?
I weak at 6.00, go for training, then I go to to the University, after lunch I train again and around 8 pm I arrive home

What current equipment are you using and how does this benefit your

Nelo Vanquish ML (special Hungarian colors), Bracsa VI, and Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS. I am also the dealer of Nelo boats and Garmin GPS-s in Hungary together with Krisztian Bartfai , you can see

Do you have any other interests other than kayak?
Girls, computers, business

How well are hungarian athletes funded?
The top are well funded, others are trying to live day after day.

How long have you spent on the team?
3 years in Junior team, I am trying to get in the Senior team next year

What is you favourite distance (K1-2-4, 200, 500, 1000)?
K1 and K4 1000m

Do you study and if so what are you studying?
University of Techniques, Budapest

How do you feel about your overall performance last year?
My wrist was broken early in the summer, however I could be qualified for marathon (between seniors)

What do you wish to improve upon for next year?
I have changed club and coach this winter, I will have some surprises

What do you feel is the most important part of your race?
The whole race, of course…

How do you feel the 200m scene is developing on the world stage?
It is getting stronger, but I think it is still a very little part of canoeing

What would you say your strengths are in flatwater?
Technique, durance, strength of will

Do you have any words of wisdom for anybody who wish to become crew boat paddlers? what should they concentrate on?
Until you are 16, you have to concentrate only on the quantity. After that you should concentrate with the quality, and when you are 19, it will be obvious if it is worth to do this sport as a professional.