Brendon Stead

Height 179cm
Weight 77kg

Paddle for WITS University, Johannesburg

Age Started Canoeing: 15

Favourite Training Venue
Ebenezer Dam - RSA

Preferred Racing Distance?
Prefer the 1000m but enjoy the 200m and 500m a lot

Favourite Training Session?
9min on 1min off down to 2 on 1off

Favourite Training Camp Location?
Ebenezer Dam - RSD

Why do you enjoy canoeing so much?
I enjoy the sport as a whole, the feeling of the boat in the water, and theres nothing better for me than low cloud cover with glassy water.

What is the status of 200m Sprinting in RSA?
Sprints in RSA has picked up in the last few years and is getting bigger but is still shadowed by marathon.

What specific training do you do for 200m?
I do specific 200m training twice a week

What does your typical day consist of?
Typical day varies according to lectures but always a session in the afternoon 16:00, supper and then bed at bout 10.

What do you think about 200m racing?
I think that 200m is Canoe/Kayak's equivalent to the 100m in athletics and should be added to the Games, it won't dissapoint.

Current Equipment
I am currently using a Cleaver-X in training and a Plastex Athena in racing with either a Brasca 4 or Epic blades, my other interests are cycling and tri-athlon.