Romas Petrukanecas

(wording directly from interview with Romas Petrukanecas) - WM

Height 173 cm

Weight 73 kg
Club Vilnius Zalgiris
Hometown Vilnius

Age begun canoeing? 10

Favourite Training Venue?
Trakai, Lithuania
Walch, Poland

Preferred Racing Distance?
200 and 500 m single and double kayak

Favourite Training Session?
All kinds of session excluding cross-running

Favourite Training camp Location?
Trakai, Lithuania in summer time
Tel-Aviv Israel in winter time

Why do you enjoy canoeing so much?
I am a lot of years in canoeing and I haven't other solution only to keep going further in canoeing. I dare it!

What is the current situation with Canoe Kayak in Lithuania? What is the sprinting structure like?
During the past few years situation have changed in Lithuania in better way. Canoeing is a popular on the top 5 within sport ranking in Lithuania.

What specific training do you do for 200m?
2 times per week I am having sprint practise on the water and 2-3 times to sport gym.

What does your typical day consist of?
I getup usually at 8 o'clock in the morning, at 10 o'clock I start practise, which takes 2 hours. At 13:00 lunch time. Then 2 hours sleeping. At 16:00 next practise starts. At 19:00 dinner and at 11:00 I go to bed.This typical days are during the training camp.

How do you feel that 200m is developing on the international scene?
I feel that this sprint has to be Olimpic distance, therefore this sprint is visible for spectaculares.Spectaculares can see whole action from the beginning till it finishes. More fun.

What current equipment are you using and how does this benefit your performance?
I am using Plastex equipment made in Poland. My boat name is ARES370, which is fast and easy to lead. The paddle is made in Lithuania BRACA 2 MAX.

Do you have any other interests other than kayak?

Football (European), Track and field, swiming, extremal sports.

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