Ben Farrell

83 kg

Elmbridge (Train at Royal)

Roland Lawler 1994-2001
Eric Farrell 2000-present


Favourite Training Venue:
Sandy Bay at Elmbridge

Favourite Racing Venue:
The Cut at Elmbridge (not a classic venue but I have my best races there)

Favourite Training Session:
8,6,4,2,1 min/2 min rest, then 5 Power starts (paddle backwards as hard as you can then do a 30 stroke start straight away)

Favourite Training camp Location:
Welsh Harp in the West London area for a domestic camp and
Seville is the best training camp abroad (it has the best night life ever…ever!!!)

Race History:
Junior Sprint Team 2000-2001 (Finalist World Champs K2 1000)
Under 23 Sprint Team 2002
Senior Sprint Team 2003 (K1 200m)

Other Honours:
Winner of the Silver Bird Bath 1996

A Black Nelo Vanquish, Big Black Brasca 4 Min and of course my lucky green vest!!!! (Come on the Green Army)

What do you consider to be the most important elements to being a top 200 metre paddler?
If you have a fast start, fast acceleration and can hold a fast top speed for the whole distance you will complete the 200 meters fast.

What specific training methods do you adopt to get that all important sharpness/explosive power needed for the 200 event?
Well as I said earlier you need to have a fast start and I try to improve my starts by doing power starts. Paddle backwards as hard as you can then do a 30-stroke start straight away. It really works, but it’ll kill you.

What do you feel can be done in the UK to promote the 200 metre event, bearing in mind it's exposure and popularity in most other countries and at any major international event?
I think this web site is doing a great job in promoting 200 meter racing in this country at a lower level, but to encourage more of the top end athletes to take 200 meter racing more seriously there needs to be a similar funding structure to the Olympic canoeing events.

Poem - That's what they call the Two Hundred

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