Vince Fehervari

Date of Birth 16/04/1972

Club Training at the Gold Coast, Australia
Hometown Budapest
Age begun canoeing? 12

What Made you decide flatwater was the sport you wanted to do?
My brother was a canoe paddler when I started. He is 3 years older then me. Actually he won the junior world champion title in C-4 500 in 1987. I think that was the reason why I started to paddle, but I can’t remember exactly, but I love it and the people in it. I met with all my best friends through the sport. I grew up with my friends, and I have a lot of nice memories from the past 20 years.

Preferred Racing Distance? 200m

Why do you enjoy canoeing so much?
Freedom being in the nature, seeing that I gratify so much people

What would you deem to be your most successful race?
In 1997 K1 Canada Word Championship. It was my first World title wining. It was easy.

What is the secret to racing a fast 200 metre race?
How should I know? :-)
I'm still working on it.

What current equipment are you using?
I have been paddling in a large Nelo Vanquish from 2002. I am very satisfied with it. I am using that bout, because I think it is the best one. And I have been paddling with Braca 1 paddle form 1990. I have never changed. I think the above mentioned 2 product is the best buy for your money.

Do you have any other interests other than kayak?
Kayak, Soccer, Tennis, Travelling, Music, Ski

Do you study and if so what are you studying?
Level 2 Coaching Scholarship with the Australian Sport Commission.
Certificate IV in Information Technology at Spherion (Computer Power) Training Institute.

What do you think needs to be done to promote 200 meter racing around the World?
Maybe a couple of people who are not afraid of change, who can see the short distance is the possible future of this sport, because the 200m is easier to organise and broadcast, example it doesn’t need long course, it is possible to transact on the small pond in the middle of the busy city. Because everything is so close there is a possibility to accommodate logos of the sponsor companies.

And I think necessary some enthusiastic talented managers who are committed to short distance. Etc.

Will 200 metre racing ever be in the Olympics?
I hope, very soon. I would like to participate.

The Big Move to Australia:

I moved to Australia in 19 09 2002 and have been competing for Australia for 2 years mow.

What motivated you or made you decide to become an Australian citizen?
I moved residence to Australia to pursue a career in kayak coaching and realise my dream of competing at the Athens Olympic Games in the year 2004. (Bugger) next time.

Where to from now? Are you considering an attempt to make the Australian team for the Beijing Games at all?
I have recently applied for a Level 2 Coaching scholarship with the Australian Sport Commission, and for a full time coaching position at the elite sprint canoe facility at Robina, a joint venture between Australian Canoeing, the NSW Institute of Sport and the Queensland Academy of Sport. So, my destiny in the AC hand right now. I already have some opportunity, but Ilove to stay in Australia

What have you achieved since moving to Australia?
In 2003 during the Australian domestic kayak season I was successful in qualifying for the Australian Team. At the 2003 World Championships, I finished second and collected a Silver medal for Australia in the K1 200m. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to compete at the 2004 Athens Olympics, because I did not receive my Australian Citizenship before the Games.
I have completed a Certificate IV in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training with the Australian Institute of Fitness, as well as my Level 1 kayak coaching qualification.

Currently I am a full time student in the Certificate IV in Information Technology at Spherion (Computer Power) Training Institute, and am expected to complete the course in December 2004.
I have also completed some other courses such as Bronze Medallion, Senior First Aid, my Boat license and I also work part time as a lifeguard at Wet and Wild Water Park.

I have 1 brother and 1 sister. They are older than me. I have been paddling for 20 years. I am single, but I have a long term relationship with my girlfriend. She is Hungarian as well.

Please check out my website for more information.

Other Pics:

Medal Haul:


1993 Copenhagen:
K4 500m

1994 Mexico:
K1 200m

1997 Halifax:
K1 200m
K2 200m
K4 200m

1998 Szeged:
K2 200m
K4 200m

1999 Milan:
K2 200m
K4 200m

2001 Poznan
K4 200m

2002 Seville:
K4 200m

2003 Atlanta:
K1 200m

12 medals


1997 Plovdiv:
K1 200m
K2 200m
K4 200m

2000 Poznan:
K2 500m
K4 200m

2001 Milan:
K1 200m
K2 200m
K4 200m

2002 Szeged
K1 200m
K2 200m
K4 200m

11 medals


2003 First selection:
K2 500m

Second selection:
K2 500m
K1 200m
K2 200m


2003 Penrith:
K1 200m
K2 200m

2 medals


Profile brought to you with thanks from Vince Fehervari and an existing interview that was shared with us.