Djordje Pavlovic

Name: Djordje Pavlovic

Date of Birth: 08.12.1974
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 92 kg
Hometown: Belgrade-Serbia
Current “Famagusta Nautical Club” (Cyprus)
Original “Canoe-kayak club Zemun” (Serbia)

Race History:
As junior from 1990 I started to perform at high-level events. Until today five world championships four Balkan championships and many international regattas.

Age started canoeing?
10 (ten)

What made you decide that flat-water was the sport you wanted to do?
After my first race where I got my first gold medal I knew this is it. I never started any other sport till today.

Preferred racing distance?
200 met.

Favourite Training Session?
Short distance intervals with resist rope on the kayak

Favourite Training Camp location?
Cyprus in wintertime.

Why do you enjoy canoeing so much?
I enjoy the nature of rivers and lakes. I like winning spirit, traveling and my office to be an open sky.

What equipment do you currently use and how does it benefit your performance?
I use Bracsa 2 paddle and I race in Plastex boat Olympic warrior 85+ but here on Cyprus I train in other kayak.

Do you have any pre-race rituals which bring you luck?
Nothing special, but if I fell like yawning before the race I always perform at my best.

Talk us through your typical day
My days are never typical. Sometimes I work a lot and have no time even for my wife and kids. It depends from the season, but summer days on Cyprus are too hot for training and I spend my time on beach.

Do you have any other interests?
I like water ski, wind- surf and motorcycles.

What is the current situation with canoe/kayak in Cyprus?
Not as bad as it was when we use to work- out in the sea. We are still looking for the talents. Hopefully from 2005 we will start with canoe.

How well are Cypriot athletes funded?
Good for the beginning, but they have a long road to a real success.

What is the selection policy like in Cyprus?
I think like everywhere. We have our championships and we make control race for getting place in national team.

You are in an unusual position – because in Cyprus you are a competing athlete, the National Coach and a club coach – how do you cope with all that?
Cyprus is a small country. I see all the athletes every day around me. My job is to be in a boat with them. I am trying to balance between all clubs, coaches and the athletes. I wish to help every boy or a girl trying to be better in kayak. I don’t have much time to devote to my trainings.

How long have you been on the team?
I race for Cyprus since 2000. Before that I was many years member of Yugoslavian National team.

What is you favourite event (K1-2-4, 200, 500, 1000)?
K-4 500 met.

How do you feel about your overall performance this year?
I am very happy for my results. I know I can do much more if I devote more time to serious trainings.

What would you like to improve on next year?
I have to lose 5 – 7 kg. of my body weight. After everything will improve.

What do you feel is the most important part of your race?
Last 100 met.

What do you consider to be the most important elements to being a top 200m paddler?
In my opinion is ability to give your maximum power in a boat and still paddling in correct technique and good balance.

What specific training methods do you adopt to get that all important sharpness/explosive power needed for the 200m event?
I work – out on the distance and search for my weak points. Winter work with weights is also important for having this explosion.

Do you feel that the 200m is given enough prominence in Cyprus?Yes. Here everybody likes 200 m race because it gives full and close action to the spectators.

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