Gav's 'Rate-Atoui' Recipe

If you want to hit 3 strokes a second down the 200 this is the food of gods!


1 large spanish onion
1 large aubergine
Small box of field mushrooms
Tin of tomatoes
Green pepper
Red Pepper
Fresh Garlic
Lemon juice
Half a cup of milk

Peel, wash and chop all ingredients up into small chunks and then fry the onion in a large pan/saucepan; adding fresh garlic.

Once the onion is fried add the aubergine and peppers. Continue to stir and fry. If the pan gets a bit dry add some water.

Add the mushrooms and tomatoes + half a cup of milk. Then let it all simmer for 10 minutes.

Add a splash of lemon, pepper and salt and then finally simmer for a further 5 minutes, letting all the juices combine.

Finally, serve with fresh crusty bread and don't have less than 2 hours before your first 200 metre race.