Gav's '200 Metre' Spaghetti Bolognese Special

Large slab of lean mince
1 large onion
3 large field mushrooms
2 tins of italian chopped tomatoes
1 Kilo of pasta/spaghetti
Olive Oil
Palmersan Cheese
Ground Pepper.
Plain Yogurt or small amount of milk
Worcester Sauce
Garlic (Fresh Preferably)
Mixed Herbs

Step 1- Chop up and fry the onion in a small amount of Olive oil until onion pieces are golden brown.

Step 2 - Add the mince and turn until mince is separated and starts to brown. Add a little water if pan is starting to dry out. Add Garlic Powder, Fresh Herbs and Worcester sauce (quantities according to taste) at this stage.

Step 3 - Once mince is browned, add the chopped mushrooms and stir continuously.

Step 4 - Add the two tins of tomatoes or Ragu if you prefer and then keep sauce on a low heat for 10 minutes so as to let all the flavours fuse together.

Step 5 - Boil up the pasta (work on a Kilo for 2 people)

Step 6 - Add the yogurt (2 desert spoons is about right) to the sauce and stir in whilst keeping the sauce turning. Leave sauce on a very low heat and turn attention to the pasta.

Step 7 - Once pasta cooked al dente, drain and then sprinkle pasta generously with olive oil and ground pepper and mix.

Step 8 - Serve the meal hot with a copious amount of Palmersan cheese and a good Merlot.

Step 9 - For best effects, don't race for at least two hours after consumption - and if racing drop the Merlot!