Typical Day / Diet For Mark Hoile
Diabetic Athlete

(Blood Glucose readings are done every 1.5 - 2 hours if possible, to ensure blood glucose readings stay stable, (6.6mmol)

06.30: Check blood glucose reading to ensure they are higher than 12mmols (if not eat toast, no insulin)

07.30: Training on the water (up to an hour and a half training on the water/or in the gym) ensuring I drink 1 litre of water with 18% glucose added to maintain a high glucose level.

09.00: Come off the water/gym, check blood glucose. Drink 500ml of original lucozade and inject 10 units on insulin (Humalog).

09.30: Breakfast, oat based cereal, toast, orange juice and water, inject a further 12-14 units of insulin (Humalog).

11.00: Train either in the gym (weight lifting) or swimming, always having a drink to hand, containing 6% glucose.

13.30: Lunch inject 12-14 units of insulin (Humalog)
Lunch: Sandwiches ham or cheese, water, fruit, crisps (salt and vinegar) or I have a Jacket potato with tuna / cheese / chicken / baked beans with salad, followed by something sweet.

16.00: Small snack (i.e. Flapjack or chocolate bar). Inject 6-8 units of insulin (Humalog). Some times it is not necessary to inject if I have a very low glucose reading.

1930: Inject long acting insulin 32 units (Humilin I). I inject this early in the evening so by the time I am training the following morning; I have the lowest amount of insulin in my system as possible.

2030: Evening meal. Inject between 14-16 units of insulin (Humalog).
Evening meal: Pizza / lots of pasta and meat (very much normal food).