Mark Hoile

DOB 22/05/1977

Height: 186cm

Weight: 98kg

Royal Canoe club since 1995

Former Clubs: Leighton Buzzard 1986 - 1995

Former Coach - Doug Saxby (1986 - 1995)
Current Coach - Trevor Hunter (since 1995)

Swimming Teacher / Coach,
Kayaking Coach,
Triathlon Coach

Favourite Training Venue
Le Temple-sur-Lot, France, and
(Pines) Florida

Favourite Racing Venue
Szeged (the atmosphere at the 1998 World Championships was absolutely

Favourite Training Session

2x200m, 4x100m 4x50m (Standing Starts)

Favourite Training camp Location
Le Temple-sur-Lot (peaceful and relaxing)
The Pines (Florida) - Warmth, food, good water, usually plenty of company

Age started canoeing 9 years old

Previous Race History
Duisburg World Cup 1998/99 – K2/K4 200m
Milan Pre-Worlds 1998 - 6th K4 200m
Szeged Worlds 1998 - 10th K4 200m (fastest non-qualifier to final, in fastest heat)
Croatia Europeans 1999 – 12th K4 200m
Mechelen World Cup 1999 - 9th K4 200m
Milan World Championships 1999 – 15th K4 200m

Nelo Scopion, Turbo Paddles
Also in stock:
Good supply of stimulating reading material.
Diabetic testing Kit x 2
And most importantly lucky teddy!!!!

What do you consider to be the most important elements to being a top 200 metre paddler?

Focus, Speed, technique, strength and fitness!

What specific training methods do you adopt to get that all important sharpness/explosive power needed for the 200 event?

I am very naturally speedy and strive more towards working on connecting properly with the water and fitness in the boat.

Describe the feeling when you realised you had got the gold medal in Nottingham and talk us through the race?

Winning at Nottingham is not so important to me it is winning away from home where it counts, the feeling when being 10th fastest in the World was the best ever, watching the race on video makes the hairs on my back stand on end, still 5 years on.

What do you feel can be done in the UK to promote the 200 metre event, bearing in mind it's exposure and popularity in most other countries and at any major international event?

Keep talking about it!!!

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