A Day at Le Temple-sur-Lot
by Gavin Turrell

Early we rise and to breakfast we head.
Fuel for the work that lies before us.
We launch our kayaks and head up the river.
Cutting through the shimmering, sun-kissed water.

The watch goes off and the work begins.
We grind the efforts out, hard graft with dreams of glory a long way off.
Another ten seconds as we hang on tight. Lungs bursting.

Each year we come to this place,
to work, to play and above all to
strive for excellence over that short
strip of water they call the 200.

Allan calls time and it is back to the
centre we head, exhausted and weary.
More fuel, rest and chat before once
again we head back to the mill.

The dusk begins to settle over the fields and hills that surround this sanctuary, as we guide our boats for shore. Another day of work in the bag. Food and a glass or two of wine to look forward to before we drift off to sleep.

A wonderful place where dreams are made
and friendships strenthened through gut
wrenching work and camaraderie.
Temple-Sur-Lot, in March we shall hear
your call and load our gear once more.