Eyecatcher - Sunglasses

Review by: Hannu Kaukola
Product Name: Eyecatcher Polarized
Category: Eyewear
Technical Specifications: See below (from manufacturer)

Frame Material Lens Material Frame Dimension Weight
TR55 (“Nylon”) Polycarbonate 62-22-127 (mm) 0.9 oz. (25.51g)

Outdoor recreational and competitive activity; land and water; boat or bike

Review: Why its cool?
The first thing I thought about when I found this product and company was “a company from Hawaii must know something about sunglasses”. Sure enough, they do.

The “XSPORT” model from Eyecatcher is a lightweight (0.9 oz) TR 55 (French Nylon) sport sunglass that offers tres cool specs for the core outdoor enthusiast without looking like a robot. First, the lenses are polycarbonate (otherwise referred to as “bulletproof”) so no need to worry about having that paddle fly in your face and the lenses shattering (although not recommended to try). Second, I found the polarizing element they use to be really effective in eliminating the glare from the water, both from direct sunlight and indirect and for providing awesome clarity on the water. It should be noted that Eyecatcher makes ALL polarized eyewear. Third, the brightness and brilliance in the lens colors is unmatched. I like to interchange the SMOKE and ROSE lenses (yes, they offer both lenses with the frame) to maximize the lens transmission given the light conditions, like cloudy, bright sunlight, overcast, etc. I would recommend wearing the SMOKE during bright sunny days and ROSE for other times, although both can be worn in any conditions. The ROSE is nice since its not too pink but a nice dark tone of rose. It’s definitely nice to have the option for the lens colors. Fourth, with the soft rubber nose pad and temple tips, the frame anchors well on the nose and ears without having to constantly adjust. The frame stays put as well when the body starts heating up and sweating, a huge feature since no one wants to be bothered with fixing your shades when you’re headed for the finish line. Fifth, the frame colors have a certain dark, rich appeal as well. They come in a pearl White and a Dark Ocean Blue (surprise, surprise). Finally, the eyesize is perfect for me since it gives me complete coverage and wraps just enough to not let any light in.

NOTE: I found out that they sponsor some of the best open ocean athletes in the world, including Molokai World Champions, Oscar Chaluspky (South Africa) and Dean Gardiner (AUS), not to mention, 2X Olympic Gold medalist, Greg Barton (USA). They obviously do something right to get these guys on board. I can “see”, literally, what now.

Overall Recommendation
All in all, I was impressed with the durability feel, the weight, the seamless manufacturing of the interchangeable lens system (pretty easy to swap out), the lens technology and overall look of the product. Its definitely made for extreme sportworthiness. I’m not surprised though given their ideal climate and natural environment to “test” this sort of product. The product deserves a 5 out of 5. Check them out at www.eyecatchersunglasses.com

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