M3 - Nelo

Review of Mosquito M3 K1 - By Gavin Turrell - 200 Metre Specialist from Richmond Canoe ClubModel: Mosquito - M3
Size: To 95K

Double Carbon Sandwich
Re-inforced Seat and Steering area
Sliding Seat
Strengthened Pull Bar System

Design Of Boat
Designed by Nelo of Portugal. The M3 is probably the only K1 that has been designed and marketed as being purely for sprinting! In the spec given by Nelo it states that the M3 is 'unsuitable for marathons'. As my K2 partner Steve Tingay has aptly put it, the boat is an arrow, just point it in the right direction. Steering is minimal but at 5-6 metres a second you tend to naturally hold a straight line. The boat has ample buoyancy forward of the paddler however the area behind the cockpit runs at the water line please see photo.

As above, if you want an 'all out' boat that has been designed with straight line racing as the goal in mind then this is the boat for you. I only sprint and therefore having to portage is not a consideration. The boat is quite tippy but once you are used to it, it is fine. Acceleration is very good and the boat locks onto the water well.

Minimal steering and nearly submerged back deck. I am at the top end of the weight though. The boat is for 95Kilos and I train at 103Kilos and race at 98-100Kilos.

Overall reccomendation
Finally in an event full of colour and psyche the M3 is one mean looking piece of kit! If you just want to sprint it is the best boat around. This boat deserves a deserve a 3 out of 5 because....... You have to want an all out specialist beast to benefit fully from this baby!

Gavin Turrell BCU June Regatta - Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham

Comment from Gary, the proud new owner of Gavin's M3
The mosquito is the best boat that I have ever paddled (and I have paddled just about every type of boat on the market!) for catching weed!
nly a problem in the summer down here - so only for a short term

Stability is fine, Sitting position is excellent, the deck cut outs are very effective and work well - and build quality is about the best I have ever seen.