Speed Coach Gold

I have used a standard Speed Coach for many years now, and have found this unit to be very beneficial in my training, offering me the opportnuity to see what speed I am doing, how far I have gone and for timing efforts.

I have recently started using the Speed Coach Gold, which has many new features (please see www.nkhome.com for a full list of features) and has the option of downloading to a computer via itís new interface.

Whilst away on training camp, we had aids such as heart Rate Monitors, Digital Video cameras, and the Speed Coach Gold. The data from the Speed Coach was the most beneficial, helping us to identify weaknesses in our training / race distances and work to correct this.

When correlating all of the data together, speed coach data (to see changes in pace during an effort), Video data (to physically see what happened to us as paddlers at that point), and Heart Rate information (to see how the workload changed, if any, at those points), we were able to produce some very meaningful graphs and understand our situation much better.

Although the interface for the Speed Coach Gold is very basic, it allows exporting of the data into a CSV file, which can then be manipulated in Excel and it is then very quick and simple to produce graphs to show the data.

The only flaws that I have found with this, is that the glass panel has a sharp edge, which once or twice I have cut my finger on whilst paddlign at high speed. I might find some sticky tape to cover that edge up!