Vajda - Speed Pods
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At the European championships Vajda from slovakia displayed some new boat which have been developed specifiacally to race into headwinds. (There was a tail wind in Poznan, guys used them most likely just to get some publicity)

The idea is a concept developed by Ian Fergusson, New Zealand
The Boats may be avaliable for purchase after Athens at the soonest.

The original 'pods' were banned from the Olys in Seoul (AIR). Those were add-ons to existing boats, but the paddlers had to be lifted into and out of the cockpits. We tried to introduce similar things (in 2 parts, hinged), as well as spraydeck formers which achieved much the same thing - but nobody was interested.I suppose they've heard that Schinias is always windy. The rowers have been told they might have to race at night or do time-trials down one lane over 1000m...