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Review by: John Astbury
Product Name: Oakley Pro M frame (sweep)
Category: Eyewear
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Athletic performance eyewear for a wide spectrum of sports. Used by various Special Forces around the world

Review: Why its cool?

Being a bit of an Oakley pervert, i have gone through alot of sunglasses from their range. The Pro M frame is a design that stood out from the others, with its contempary design and interchangable lens system i knew that it would be an excellent addition to my collection and also to most functional one.

The price for the Pro M frame is a little bit steep, but i am convinced that the price is worth paying as Ii have never worn a set of sunglasses so comfortable (note that i use the hingeless version and cannot comment on the regular m frame). The visual clarity of the lenses is second to none. I use several different lenses for differing light conditions. The persimmon lens is one of the most versitile and i use this for medium to light conditions as the lens has light enhancing properties allowing me much clearer vision. For really sunny days with lots of glare i use the +red iridium which does the job well.

While paddling the frame fits perfectly to my head, Oakley use a patented 3 point fit system on their frame. Having such comfort comes at a price though, due to the fact that the frames do not collape you must carry them in the Oakley Pro M frame vault, this is not always convenient as the box is quite large (also an extra cost on top of the glasses).

There is a huge range of lens shape and tint options available, enough to suit everybodies needs. the frame comes in many different constructions and colours. Ii reccomend http://rubensmenswear.com/ as the place to purchase buy your M frames as you can custom build your frame to something not available in the shops, the final price is also alot cheaper than the shops.

Overall Recommendation
Overall Iam extremely satisfied with my purchase, the manufacturing is the best I have ever seen, The lenses are flawless. the lenses interchange easily. The frame fits the head securely, and the vision is unrestricted due to the frame design. It is no wonder that elite athletes use these sunglasses, there are too many athletes to mention as there are 100s of olympic athletes that use these sunglasses but to mention a few (Sir steven Redgrave, Rowing, Lithuanian k2 200m, Vince Fehvari, most hungarian female crews). Pro m frames are available with optical RX inserts which allow people who wear normal glasses to use these products.

The only downside to these sunglasses are the cost and the storage problems with these sunglasses, but if you want the best eyeware available theses are not problems. Overall i give these sunglasses a 4 out of 5.