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Heikki Ritvos
- Finland
Hannu Kaukola - Finland
Julian Vince - Australia
Theo Haije - Holland
Brendan Homann - South Africa
Karl Yurkwich - UK
Scott Humphry - South Africa
Richard Etheridge - UK
Ben Farrell - UK
Sam Hyman
- UK
Gary Parkinson - UK

Thanks to
Romas Petrukanecas - Lithuania
Anne Rikala - Finland
Nigel Jones - UK

The Why was borne out of the minds of strong minded 200m paddlers, keen to help enhance the 200m discipline within the UK.'

Part way through the 2003 season, we were struggling to get enough boats to run the K4 200m event at our National Regattas. In April there were not enough boats entered, so we tried to enter boats in May. However, due to a re-ranking of many paddlers, the organisers would not allow the 3 boats wishing to enter, into the race, thus scrapping the event at that regatta. After much lobbying we persuaded 4 boats to pre-enter for the June regatta, brining the event back to life! (The credit for this has to go to Steve Moule)

The first concept came from a throw away line in an e-mail from Gavin Turrell, signed 200m events co-ordinator, followed on by a fictitious e-mail address (at that time).
From that point, Steve thought, why not?, let's order the domain and do something constructive for British 200m racing!

It was at that point, that the 200m team started to form. Dan Seaford was next on board as webmaster, with Gavin Turrell, Mark Hoile and John Astbury very close behind! Most of us have known each other for many years, all racing together at some stage or another, and all keen on 200m racing.

Initially the site was due to be a UK based site, but after we were found (before our official Go Live), by and a few other International paddlers, we immediately became a more International site!

And so, here we are, an open forum, where we welcome input from any of our guests! We are happy to expand our development team to anyone who wants to join and offer constructive assistance.

Our goal from here, can only be to keep adding positive 200m content to the site, results, regatta courses, rankings, insight's into National Teams across many nations, development of the UK sport, including crew boats, and anything else that people wish to contribute!

200m Team!