All Time 200m Results List

All Time 200m Results List. Well maybe not just yet, but something to work towards!

Times & Records
Worlds Fastest Times Summary 2002
Course Records - National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham, England

International Results
World Cup Results
World Championship
European Championship

Great Britain
UK 200m Regatta Results (HTML)
UK 200m Seedings
UK 200m Points and National Champions
UK Regatta Results PDF (The official Printed Results going back through time)
UK Standards for Racing

Finnish Championships 2005
Finland Championships 2004 K1 & K2
Finland National Championship Archive
Finland Top Times HTML - apologies for poor formatting -WM

Snef Kayak Club 20th Regatta 2003
Mechelen International Regatta 2004
Sobeka Eural Cup 2004

USACK Results 2003
USACK Results 2004
Australian National Championships 2004
Duisburg 200m Relay Event June 2004
Other Results