Who Will Win?

15/09/03 Steve Here are the results of our little 'Who Will Win Competition' - I don't
think we have any prizes, but good to see some fairly good predictions of
who will be in the Top 5!

Well Done Heikki in the Ladies Racing!

Now it is time to settle down for the winter, but hopefully we will continue
to add more items to the site as we go on!
Please keep things coming in, and hopefully our colleagues in South Africa
who have just come out of their winter, will have some more results and
exciting racing coming!

Steve Tingay - 3 of 5
Heikki Ritvos - 2 of 5
John Astbury - 2 of 5
Hannu Kaukola - 2 of 5

Steve Tingay - 4 out of 5 (if you swap Karen Furneaux for Caroline Brunet
who raced for Canada instead)
Heikki Ritvos - 5 out 0f 5 (swapping Karen with Caroline again)
John Astbury - 3 out of 5 (only 3 suggested)
Hannu Kaukola 4 out of 5

Steve Tingay - 3 out fo 5
Heikki Ritvos - 3 out of 5
John Astbury - 3 out of 5
Hannu Kaukola - 4 out of 5

15/09/03 Steve

By now I am sure that you have all seen some results or video of the World Championships.
To follow on our conversation regarding the winners, here's who they were!
We will need to see who was the closest in their predictions.

Firstly, who guess the most correct people in the Top5, and then, who got
the winner and positions.

So, here goes:

Mens K1:

1 GER Rauhe, Ronald 35.798
2 AUS Fehervari, Vince 36.411
3 UZB Ryahov, Anton 36.417
4 ESP Comesana, Jovino Gonzalez 36.449
5 USA Zur, Rami 36.463

Womens K1:

1 CAN Brunet, Caroline 41.344
2 ESP Rivas, Teresa Portela 41.600
3 HUN Paksy, Tímea 42.298
4 GBR Train, Rachel 42.578
5 POL Kuczkowska, Dorota 42.904


1 RUS Opalev, Maxim 40.896
2 CZE Doktor, Martin 40.929
3 GER Dittmer, Andreas 40.962
4 ESP Figueroa, David Cal 41.189
5 UKR Sablin, Dmitro 41.259

It is good to see a British paddler amongst the Top 5, just a shame it was
not a medal!

A great performance by the Lithuanian K2 again. They had a rough ride on
qualification from the 500m Semi's!

Also, great to see Vince Fehervari still battling with the best of them, now
racing for Australia! Ronald Rauhe took a storming win though!

12/09/03 Dan You can now find a list of all the competitors and heat draws on www.200m.info

You only one day left to get you prediction in!
06/09/03 Hannu Men K-1
1. Ronald Rauhe GER
2. Egidijus Balciunas LTU (or Duonela/Petrukanecas)
3. Anton Ryahov UZB
4. Kimmo Latvamaki FIN
5. Tomasz Mendelski POL

1. Maxim Opalev RUS
2. Andreas Ditmer GER(or Christian Gille)
3. Andrzej Jezierski POL
4. Dmitro Sablin UKR
5. Martin Doktor CZE

Women K-1
1. Teresa Portela Rivas ESP
2. Caroline Brunet CAN(or Karen Furneaux)
3. Natasa Janics HUN(or other Hungarian)
4. Anne Rikala FIN
5. Elzbieta Urbanczyk POL

05/09/03 John Sorry stevey but i dont think vince will have this one, getting to old, but still hail the almighty vehvari !!!!
05/09/03 John Sorry Stevey, respect the great and holy vehvari. but i think alvydas duonela will be the man on form, vehvari will be close by tho, if the hungarian k2 were still together they would surely win the k2 but again the lithuanina k2 looks strong.

I love the way that they have 3 200m boys and each of them have proved they can win the 200, petrukanecas, duonela and balchiunas have all won world cup k1s and 2 combinations of the k2 have also won.
05/09/03 Heikki Men K-1
1. Duonela (if he races, if Petrukanecas he will be 3rd)
2. Rauhe
3. Ryahov
4. Latvamaki
5. Mendelski

Women K-1
1. Furneaux
2. Portela
3. Hungarian representative
4. Polish representative
5. Rachel Train

1. Doktor
2. Opalev
3. Ditmer (or other German)
4.-5. anyone from Eastern Europe or former USSR

05/09/03 Steve With a little under a week to go to the start of the World Championships and given that we are a 200m dedicated society, who do we think will win the Worlds next week.

Please send us your Top 3 or Top 5 Predictions for K1 Men, K1 Women, and C1 Men! Once we have a list, we can pool these to look at the potential winner!

Think about the Doubles and Fours, perhaps we can discuss those later on next week!

I have just checked the Gainesville site, and the startlists are not yet posted! Hopefully they will give us more of an idea as to who will be racing!

However, if they are racing, I would have my money on some of these guys:

Vince Fehvari (now racing for Australia)
Ronald Rauhe
Kimmo Latvamaki
Lithuanian representative
Anton Ryahov

(not necessarily in that order)


Hungarian representative
Rachel Train
Karen Furneaux
Polish entry
Swedish entry


Martin Doktor
Maxim Opalev
Andreas Dittmer
Michal Sliwinski

I haven't checked all of the teams entries, so some of these people may not be racing!

What other suggestions do people have?