What is 200m racing?
"200m racing is the closest event on the Sprint Racing Programme to real
Sprinting. No other event gets close to seeing the raw explosive power
contained within Sprint Canoeists."

"It is a hugely popular spectator sport, allowing spectators to view the entire race from start to finish, without the aid of cameras, video walls,
binoculars, or other visual assistance."

"The closeness of 200m racing only adds to the sheer excitment of watching
such events. Not knowing what will happen, right down to the last few
metres is a real thriller!"

"200m Racing was first introduced in 1993, becoming a World Championship
event in Mexico 1994. It was introduced at the expense of 10,000m racing,
to improve the spectator value and develop close racing. 10,000m racing
could never be classified as a Sprint Distance, yet it was included in the
World Sprint Championship Programme for many years."

"200 metre racing
There's no pacing
Power fom the start
All your heart
Dying on the line
At 180 a minute we'll do fine!"

"200m is a dynamic,fast and explosive event, it is spectacular to watch and is comparable to the 100m in track and field. It is one of the most difficult disciplines in canoeing, unlike its 500 and 1000m counterparts, one slip of the blade, or 1 bad start....game over "