Kayak Ergometer by KayakPro

Featured in US Men’s Health in October, Speedstroke seems to replicate the on the water Kayak stroke better than any other erg. No clumsy catch problems, or restrictions due to mechanical imperfections. It’s got a simple uncomplicated design, with easy adjustable in-built footrest pull-bars.

The computer is calibrated for Typical K1 distance and speed comparisons. It has self-activation start, variable Kph/Mph displays, average speed, actual speed, and elapsed time functions.

There is due to be a multifunctional, fully calibrated, touch screen, graphic display with power curve function model available in the next 7 months. Clearly this has a bigger price tag, but the current model should satisfy even the most particular aficionados!

Manufactured in and distributed in the US available on line.