Model: Letmann Nordic

Size: Medium
Construction: 90% Carbon 10% Glass (top spec) LCS
Design of paddle: Parallel Wing Blade

The first thing i noticed when examining the paddles was the beautiful construction and quality, there were no visible flaws in the carbon and everything was perfect. The lettmann is a very nice blade to paddle with over long distances due to the even pull distribution throught the srtoke (unlike tear drop) the blades were very stiff in the water and did not slip, the fact that the paddles are joined in the middle of the shaft rather than a blade stuck on each end of the shaft adds to greater overall strength (less joints less problems) the paddles were exceptionally light which will be of great benefit over long distances, this blade is ideally suited to weaker males/females or marathon paddlers. But wether or not the lettmann will stand up to the abuse of marathons remains to be seen.

The blades are not impact resistant, they chip quite easily. Lettmann are very expensive, for the price you would expect greater durability. Also when the chips become large enough this allows water to enter into the foam core, allowing water to get inside the paddle thus weakening it even more.

Overall Reccomendation
These paddles deserve a 4 out of 5. If you are concerned with quality and stiffness and performance then these are the blades for you. More than a seasons heavy use out of these is unlikely.