Model: Braca II

Construction: 75% Carbon 25 % Glass. Shaft 100%
Design of paddle: Teardrop shape with extreme twist

The braca II is a heavy duty sprint blade designed for paddlers with a quick finish, the blade is of large surface area and has a very strong catch, it comes in the adjustable and non adjustable versions, the adj weighing in 200g heavier than standard, the Adj shaft is also recommended for the heavier paddlers out there so that the shaft flexion is reduced, the quality of the paddle is very good and the value for money is reasonable. The Braca II comes in 2 sizes the max and the min, i do not know of any international paddlers who use the braca II max (this is larger than the braca I max) each item of the paddle assembly has a yellow id number this is so that should something go wrong, braca can replace the part straight away and check others in the batch.

The blade has a very firm catch with took along time to get used to but once the blade is up and running one finds that they can increase stroke rate very rapidly due to the twist in the wing which "snaps" the blade out of the water.

The braca II is used by istvan Bee (HUN) tim Brabants (GBR) and is currently popular with the Romanian male crew boat paddlers>

The braca II paddles are not 100% carbon although durable (more so than lettmanns) they do not make good shovels. The adjustable shaft needs to be thoroughly cleaned out every week or else it will lock up.

Overall Reccomendation
These paddles are a 4.5 out of 5 they could me more durable, but they are reasonably priced, offer a high performance, they are very stiff and light (fixed) a purchace u will not be disappointed in. These paddles should be tried out before purchasing as the blade area is very large, they may cause injury if incorrectly used.