In order for 200m paddlers to perform at their best, it is essential that they are properly hydrated, it is not a a simple case of drinking any random energy drink, as all drinks cater for different needs.Your energy drink must be tailored to your needs, unlike marathon paddlers, 200m athletes require a drink that has a moderate to high glycemic index as apposed to a low one.

Turbo juice is the perfect drink for 200m athletes.


Pear or Peach Juice (pure*)
Orange Juice (pure*)
Salt (1 gram)
Caffeine **
L Glutamine **

Making turbo juice is easy. to make 1 litre you mix 250ml of pear or peach juice with 250ml of orange juice, then add 500ml of water. To finish off a 1 gram of salt (helps restore electrolyte balance)

Now........do you feel sometimes it is hard to keep concentration, do you lack energy during the mid part of your training , or do you just need an extra kick? if so there is 1 ingredient which you can add, this is caffeine.

Caffeine can be purchased from most health stores or supermarkets, i recommend using a low dosage, as caffeine is a diuretic and excessive dosages lead to dehydration a safe yet effective dosage would be 100mg, just dissolve tablet into juice and go train.

L-Glutamine is another supplement which can be included into your turbo juice. During racing, along side creatine levels, glutamine (the most abundant branch-chain amino acid) is rapidly depleted during training, without restoring these levels, recovery will take a long time...it makes sense to add 5 grams of this.

** The two end ingredients are entirely optional, and should only be used after consideration.

* Pure - must be pure as most shops add other ingredients which alter the glycemic index